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Pizza Supplies

If you want to produce great-tasting pizza for your restaurant or food-service establishment, it is a good idea to invest in pizza restaurant supplies that will ensure the best freshly cooked pizza every time. These pizza supplies may include the following: pizza dough boxes, commercial pizza pans and screens, pizza peels, pizza dough dockers, and commercial rolling pin units.

You may be looking for Pizza Prep Tables, Pizza Ovens, Dough Rollers, Pizza Screens & Pans or Pizza Cutters, Peels & Serving Utensils

Pizza Smallwares
  1. Professional Rocking Pizza Cutter Knife - 20" Rocker Blade


    20" long Blade, rocking style pizza cutter

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  2. Update International Pizza Server, 3" X 7-1/2" Blade


    Stainless steel blades and rosewood handles.

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  3. Deep Dish Pan Gripper


    Pizza pan gripper for deep dish pans.

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  4. Shallow Pan Gripper


    Pizza pan gripper for shallow pans.

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  5. American Metalcraft Slip Stop Sleeves for Pizza Racks & Stands | Set of 3


    Set of 3 black plastic sleeve grips for pizza stands. Pizza tray and stand not included.

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Pizza has proven to be one of the most popular foods because it is, when properly prepared and cooked, delicious and easy to eat. But contrary to popular belief, it is not the toppings alone that makes a pizza popular and good to eat. It is the overall preparation apart from the baking and cooking itself that can make or break a good pizza.

Pizza Supplies

Creating pizza on your own for your restaurant or food-service establishment need not be difficult and complicated if you have the right pizza restaurant supplies on hand. Restaurant pizza supplies, and not just ingredients, will help you produce the best-tasting pizza for your customers and patrons. Commercial pizza tools here at Rapids Wholesale include pizza dough boxes, commercial pizza pans and screens and screen racks, pizza peels, pizza dough dockers, and of course a commercial rolling pin.

Commercial pizza tools available here at Rapids Wholesale are manufactured by some of the most reputable brands in the market today, which include American Metalcraft, Browne, and MFG. We also have our very-own-manufactured pizza supplies.

Pizza Dough Boxes

Pizza dough boxes are utilized by pizza restaurants in order to proof dough before the crust is cooked in the oven. Pizza dough boxes are the best way to proof pizza dough, and because of this, it is not unusual to see many pizza dough boxes in a stack one after the other inside a busy commercial kitchen of food-service establishments. This is because pizza dough boxes allow the pizza dough to rest and rise especially when already mixed with yeast. Pizza dough boxes are the best way to preserve pizza dough.

When purchasing pizza dough boxes, it is important to consider getting just the right size for your kitchen. This is because when a pizza dough that is not kneaded yet and allowed to rest and rise in pizza dough boxes, these pieces of pizza dough often double in size. It is therefore a good idea to determine the approximate size of the cooked pizza before purchasing your pizza dough boxes.

Pizza dough boxes available here at Rapids Wholesale are constructed of tough polycarbonate constructed with reinforced sides and are fully stackable.

The Perfect Commercial Rolling Pin and Pizza Dough Dockers

The perfect commercial rolling pin is a must for any restaurant that serves pizza. It is the main tool for rolling and flattening pizza dough into the perfect rounded shape and thickness. There are actually two types of rolling pins: roller and rods. A commercial rolling pin that is a roller type is designed with a thick cylindrical roller that has small handles. This type of commercial rolling pin is perfectly suited for shaping pizza dough and different types of breads. A commercial rolling pin of the rod type, on the other hand, are akin to thin tapered batons. This type of commercial rolling pin is mostly suited for shaping pie shells. 

Choose from a wooden commercial rolling pin or a metal commercial rolling pin here at Rapids Wholesale manufactured by American Metalcraft.

Pizza dough dockers, on the other hand, are food-preparation utensils that resemble either a small spiked commercial rolling pin or a small rotary tiller. A pizza docker is used to pierce pizza dough in order to prevent over-rising of blistering, which could negatively affect the final product. Also, during the pizza baking process, small air bubbles or pockets may form on the pizza dough and when this happens the pizza toppings may be displaced and the portion around the air pocket or air bubble may burn. A pizza docker is used to apply small dimples in the pizza dough's surface to prevent this from happening. The pizza dough docker available here at Rapids Wholesale are more suited for thick-crust pizzas.

Commercial Pizza Pans and Pizza Screen Racks

Commercial pizza pans are, to put it simply, where you bake your pizzas in. There are different types of commercial pizza pans that are suited for either thin-crust or thick-crust pizzas, and you might want to consider this before going out and purchasing your pans.

The use of pizza screens, on the other hand, is similar to commercial pizza pans in that they are used to cook pizzas in. The difference, though, is that pizza screens are more suited for use with quick-cooking pizzas as the mesh-like screen helps transfer heat to the pizza crust quicker than the conventional commercial pizza pans. Pizza screens are, therefore, more suited for establishments that serve fast-delivery pizzas.

A pizza screen rack, on the other hand, is conveniently used to store pizza screens and even commercial pizza pans. Pizza screen racks can either sit on a kitchen countertop or mounted to a wall.

Pizza Peels

A commercial pizza peel is a shovel-like tool that is utilized to slide pizzas in and out of the oven. A pizza peel rack is mostly made of wood and designed with a flat carrying surface not unlike a blade of a shovel in order to hold the pizza, as well as a handle that extends from one side that your food-service staff can use to hold the entire pizza peel rack.

Although there are commercial pizza peels that are made of metal, a wooden commercial pizza peel has an advantage in that wood does not conduct heat, so your food-service staff doesn't run the risk of accidentally burning their hands like metal would.

Here at Rapids Wholesale we offer a commercial pizza peel made of pressed wood from American Metalcraft.

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