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Speed Rails & Liquor Shelves

Organized bars make for efficient bartenders! Speed rails and liquor steps keep all your bottles handy. Bar Organizers

Speed Up Your Service with Quality Bar Speed Rails  

Your bartenders, barmaids, and mixologists should not only be good at serving and mixing drinks,  they should also be fast at what they do. Your bar's profits may well depend on the speed by which your bartender can mix, make, prepare, and serve drinks to your customers. One of the secrets of an organized and perfectly ticking bar is the proper setup of bar speed rails, liquor shelves, and bottle racks.

A bar speed rail is an indispensable part of your bar. It is used as a bottle holder to hold and display various frequently used bottles such as grenadine, lime juice, scotch, vermouth, bourbon, triple sec, and distilled spirits.

Perfectly placed bar speed rails, liquor shelves, and bottle racks help save your bartenders time. Who wouldn't want all your necessary bottles organized and within easy reach for quick access and use?

So set up your bar right with Rapids Wholesale's bar shelves, liquor bottle racks, and bar speed rails. Improve your bartenders' efficiency, speed up your bar's serving time, and watch your profits grow. 

Some Tips on Setting Up Speed Rails for Bars

Place your bottles from right to left on the bar speed rail, starting in the first row and finishing in the back row if you have one. It is a good idea to begin with grenadine and lime juice first on the right and then to move on to the dark liquors like scotch, whiskey, and bourbon. Next would then be the flavored liquors like sweet and dry vermouth, and last would be the clear liquors, including tequila, gin, and vodka.

Stock your speed bar rail with house-quality liquor bottles instead of top-shelf ingredients. In that way, if a patron requests a premium brand drink, he or she will see it right away and ask for it by name. If the customer asks for a generic drink, you can mix it with the less-expensive ingredients.

Bar Organizers Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale have a wide range of bar speed rails and bottle racks to choose from. You can choose from single or double speed rails depending on your requirements. Our own-manufactured stainless-steel speed rails as well as bar speed rails available from Eagle are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of a busy bar atmosphere.

We also have liquor display steps and liquor bottle holders to help you display, showcase, and organize your bar's selection of drinks.

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