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Hoses & Beer Lines

All our beer hoses and beverage tubing  here at Rapids Wholesale meet tough commercial standards. Choose from various materials that include vinyl, braided vinyl, poly, and barrier. We carry our very own manufactured beer tubing as well as beer hoses from one of the most trusted brands worldwide, American Beverage

Types of Materials for Beer Tubing & Keg Hoses

1. Rapids Wholesale's vinyl beer tubes remain flexible and durable even after many years of use as long as it is used at the recommended temperatures and pressures. All our vinyl beer hoses meet or even exceed all the high standards and demands for beer dispensing systems. These vinyl keg tubing have undergone strict quality assessments, which even include taste and odor tests. These beer hoses are designed to never swell, rot, or dry out and are mostly unaffected by the usual cleaning compounds.

2. Our poly beer hoses are primarily recommended for all long-draw systems between cooler and faucet. This low-cost beer tubing has good temperature conductivity and is not affected by chemicals, mineral acids, or concentrated caustic solutions.

3. Rapids' braided vinyl beer tubing are designed for use where pressure exceeds 35 PSI or where  ambient temperatures are high. These beer hoses are reinforced with a high-strength braid to help withstand up to four times the pressure that ordinary vinyl hoses are designed for.

5. Our barrier beer tubes are highly recommended by our draft beer experts as the best way to eliminate foul odor from beer, soda, and other beverages as they are transferred from the trunk lines. These barrier beer hoses are approved and flavor qualified, and helps prevent carbonation loss and prevents permeation of flavor and odor into tubing or migration to other beer lines.

Different Interior Diameter of Beer Lines and Their Ideal Usage

1.  Rapids Wholesale's 1/2” interior diameter beer hoses are best used for drain tubes.

2. Our 1/4” interior diameter beer tubing is ideal for use as trunk line spliced to choker in air shaft systems. 

3. Rapids' 3/8” interior diameter beer hoses are perfect for use in keg coolers in between the keg coupler and wall bracket, for flexibility. It can also be used as a jumper hose between the keg and cooler box.

4. Our 3/16” interior diameter beer tubing can be used for most direct-draw applications, especially when the distance between the keg and the faucet is less than 6'. It can also be used as a choker while situated behind the faucet and spliced to larger interior-diameter trunk lines. 

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