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Coffee Decanters, Urns & Servers

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide variety of plastic, insulated, and glass coffee decanters and coffee urns for your restaurant or establishment or even just for your personal use. Large and small coffee urns and coffee decanter brushes from trusted brands Carlisle and Wells Bloomfield. We also have our very-own-manufactured coffee decanters.

  1. 64 Oz. Plastic Commercial Coffee Decanter - Black Handle


    Plastic Coffee Decanter with stainless steel base.

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  2. Proctor Silex 45100R Aluminum 100 Cup Coffee Urn


    100 cup aluminum commercial coffee urn. 7 lbs.

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  3. Proctor Silex 45060R Aluminum 60 Cup Coffee Urn


    60 cup aluminum commercial coffee urn. 6 lbs.

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  4. Proctor Silex 45040R Aluminum 40 Cup Coffee Urn


    40 cup aluminum commercial coffee urn. 5.5 lbs.

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  5. 6" Restaurant Drip Tray, Black Octagon 6" x 6", Case of 4


    6" x 6" Octagon Drip Tray, 6", dishwasher safe, removable grid (4 trays per pack)

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Choosing the Right Coffee Decanter

When brewing coffee, especially for your customers and patrons, it is, needless to say, important to get a good-quality coffee decanter. Aside from excellent coffee beans and a dependable coffee brewer, good coffee decanters are important for you to produce the best cup or mug of coffee for your restaurant or café.

Choosing the perfect coffee decanter or coffee urn actually depends on the brewing method of your choice. In addition, coffee decanters or coffee urns, more often than not, usually have a kind of insulation so that your brew stays warm even after brewing. This is why insulated coffee urns are very popular. Aside from insulation, there is also the question of durability. Glass coffee decanters are, obviously, more fragile than plastic coffee decanters, silver coffee urns, or those made of stainless steel.

Then there is the issue of how large your coffee urn or coffee decanter should be. Obviously, a small coffee urn, those that can carry one to four cups of coffee, is ideal for personal or home use. A 64-ounce coffee decanter can properly serve up to four people. A large coffee urn is more suitable for more suitable for restaurants, cafés, or even coffee shops that serve a bigger group of people or customers.

Comparing Thermal & Insulated Coffee Decanters and Glass Coffee Urns

There are several differences between thermal/insulated coffee decanters and glass coffee urns, and you might want to consider these differences or pros and cons before you decide what type of coffee decanter to buy.

One obvious benefit of an insulated coffee decanter, which is usually constructed of stainless steel, is its durability. Glass coffee decanters are fragile and tend to break easily when dropped or not handled properly. Aside from durability, another advantage of an insulated coffee urn is its portability, which can be a big bonus for quick-serving anywhere. Insulated coffee urns also keep the coffee warmer for a relatively longer period of time compared to glass coffee decanters. A couple of disadvantages of a thermal coffee urn is that it is a little bit more difficult to clean compared to a glass decanter, and that you cannot see how filled up the urn is with coffee because it is not transparent, unlike glass.

Glass coffee decanters, because they are made of glass and therefore transparent, lets you readily see how much coffee there is in the pot, thereby making it easier for you to determine when you need to make or brew a fresh batch of coffee. Another pro of choosing glass coffee urns is that most models are dishwasher safe and are therefore easier to clean. In addition, glass coffee decanters can be used to heat coffee in a heated plate, an option not readily available with insulated decanters. 

Proper Cleaning of Coffee Decanters and Coffee Urns

Coffee decanters, whether glass or thermal, can be cleaned properly using a variety of ways. You can use dish soap; white vinegar and baking soda; lemon juice, ice, and kosher salt, and denture tablets to effectively clean your coffee urns.

For washing with dish soap or denture tablets, you only need to fill the coffee decanter with soap or denture tablets and water, wash the inside, brush, rinse, dry, and you're good to go. For the vinegar-and-baking-soda cleaning method, follow the cleaning method used with soap and water, replacing the soap and water with a vinegar-and-water mixture. Then fill the coffee urn with warm water plus a teaspoon of baking soda, let soak for a few minutes, then do a thorough rinsing. This will get rid of the taste and smell of vinegar. Lastly, you can also clean your coffee decanter using lemon juice, ice, and kosher salt. Pour or squeeze lemon juice into the decanter, add two to three tablespoons of kosher or course salt, pour a handful of ice cubes or crushed ice, and then swirl the mixture around in the decanter. This is particularly effective for those stubborn and hardened coffee stains attached to your coffee decanter. When finished, pour out the mixture, rinse, and dry as needed.

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