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Deli Cases

A wide assortment of deli refrigerators, deli display cases, and restaurant deli cases are available here at Rapids Wholesale, perfect for any food-service establishment. Display cheeses, meats, cold cuts, desserts, and other food-stuffs in your delicatessen, restaurant, café, or coffee shop with our refrigerated deli cases. Our True deli cases come in various sizes, widths, and styles, depending on what you require for your shop.
  1. True Curved Glass Deli Case, 48 1/4" Wide

    True Curved Glass Deli Case, 48 1/4" Wide


    2 Doors, 2 Shelves, 48-1/4"W x 36-1/8"D x 47-3/4"H, 23.5 CuFt, 550 lbs

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  2. True Curved Glass Deli Case, 36 1/4" Wide

    True Curved Glass Deli Case, 36 1/4" Wide


    2 Doors, 2 Shelves, 36-1/4"W x 36-1/8"D x 47-3/4"H, 17 CuFt, 460 lbs

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  3. True Deli Case, Curved Glass, 72" Wide

    True Deli Case, Curved Glass, 72" Wide


    72"W x 35-3/8"D x 48"H, 37.1 CuFt, 715 lbs

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What Are Deli Cases?

A deli case is a refrigeration unit perfect for displaying and keeping fresh various types of meats and cheeses that are sold in a delicatessen. When choosing a deli fridge for your establishment, you might want to consider several factors before forking over your money.

For instance, you can choose from either single- or double-duty deli refrigerators. It is also important to consider how many shelves you want for your deli display case or the actual width of the unit so you can make sure that it will fit the space in your shop. 

Different Types of Refrigerated Deli Cases & Sandwich Display Cases

Commercial deli cases and display merchandisers can be divided into double duty or single duty. A double-duty deli cooler is so named because it can double as a storage cabinet base as well as a refrigerated compartment. A double-duty deli case is especially suited for owners of supermarkets or delicatessens who want to keep takeaway containers, take-out bags, and labels close at hand. On the other hand, single-duty deli display coolers feature additional shelves that help maximize the space for food display. The shelves of a deli display case can also be fixed in a slight angle to increase the visibility of the merchandise on display.

A Few Important Tips For Choosing Deli Refrigerators

To make sure that you select the perfect refrigerated deli case for your delicatessen, restaurant, or any other commercial food-service establishment, you might want to make sure of the size of the particular unit you will want to purchase so it will fit your shop perfectly. For example, there are various sizes and widths of deli display cases: thirty-six square inches up to forty-eight square inches, forty-eight square inches up to sixty square inches, and seventy-two inches or more.

Another thing to consider is the compressor attached to the deli cooler you want to purchase. However, since almost all the compressors attached to deli cases are found in front or at the back of the units, there is actually no need to worry about allocating any extra clearance on the sides to allow airflow into the compressor. 

True Deli Cases Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Looking for the perfect True deli case to use in your delicatessen, restaurant, or convenience store? We at Rapids Wholesale have a wide range of restaurant deli cases and deli refrigerators manufactured by True, one of the most-trusted brands in commercial refrigeration and freezing equipment.

True Manufacturing is one of the world leaders in refrigeration products and aims to provide a wide-range of American-made refrigeration products worldwide, which exceed quality and performance standards. It is widely considered as the top manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment and has been a favored supplier for decades.

Here at Rapids, we have a selection of True deli cases depending on your needs. You can choose from a curved-glass deli fridge, a double-duty horizontal deli cooler, a deli display case with two sliding back doors, and more.

All our True deli cases available here at Rapids Wholesale are heavy duty, dependable, and give out a touch of sophistication while featuring easy browsing for your shop's customers. 

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