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Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Complete the commercial cleaning supplies of your restaurant or food-service establishment here at Rapids Wholesale. You can get a large selection of industrial cleaning supplies from only the best brands and manufacturers in and around the food-service industry. Cleaning
  1. Coil Cleaner Spray for AC Evaporator & Refrigerator Condenser


    Aerosol Coil Cleaner, 18 oz. For HVAC, AC and any refrigerated equipment.

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  2. John Boos "Mystery Oil" Butcher Block & Cutting Board Oil


    Butcher Block, Cutting Boards and Countertops Preservation Oil. 16 fluid ounce bottle.

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  3. John Boos Block Board Cream Wood Moisturizer


    Butcher Block, Cutting Boards and Countertops Board Cream. 5 fluid ounce tube.

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  4. Sparta Spectrum Quik-Release Mop Handle, 60"


    Sparta Spectrum Quik-Release Mop Handle, 60"

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  5. Wet Mop Head, #24, 4 ply


    Wet mop head, #24, large, 4 ply, cut-end

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  6. Sparta Basic Sweeps, 24", Tampico Floor Brush


    Sparta Basic Sweeps, 24", Tampico Floor Brush

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  7. Winco TKP-32 Grill Scraper


    Winco grill scraper

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  8. Winco SCRP-16 Grill Scraper


    Grill scraper, 5" blade

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Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Restaurants and food-service businesses should have a complete line of commercial cleaning supplies on hand to ensure the proper cleaning of the establishment’s surroundings, particularly the kitchen area, the restrooms, as well as the main dining area.

Hygiene and cleanliness, in a food-service business or restaurant, should be of paramount importance for anyone in the hospitality business not only because this will ensure repeat customers for you, but will also ensure that you pass all the required sanitary regulations put in place regarding hygiene and cleanliness that is enforced by your local health department.

A complete line of industrial cleaning supplies include the following: restaurant cleaning equipment, industrial cleaning chemicals, commercial floor cleaning equipment like brooms and mops, pails and buckets, hoses and nozzles,  and specialized commercial floor cleaning supplies like wet floor signs.

Restaurant Cleaning Supplies

While keeping a restaurant or food-service establishment hygienic can be a huge challenge, it is not impossible. Granted, regular soap and water will not do the job, so you will need to make sure that you have all the restaurant cleaning equipment you will ever need.  This is extremely important because it goes without saying that cleanliness and hygiene are essential to  keep your diners and guests coming back with their business.

For a sparkling-clean food-service owner or restaurant, restaurant cleaning equipment is a must. A complete array of  restaurant cleaning supplies are available here at Rapids Wholesale, manufactured by the following trusted brands: 3M, Browne, Carlisle, Chef Master, Continental Mfg, Focus, Frymaster Dean, Nemco, Rapids, Scotsman, and Vollrath.

Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

It’s safe to say that there are some commercial restaurant equipment that need to be cleaned using restaurant cleaning chemicals because regular soap and water won’t be enough. These instances require commercial cleaning chemicals to ensure that stubborn pathogens like germs, bacteria, and fungi eliminated. This way, you can ensure the good health and safety of your guests and diners.

Commercial cleaning chemicals will ensure that your glassware is sparkling clean and free not only of dirt and grime but also from stubborn oily residue. We also have industrial cleaning chemicals best suited for cleaning beer and water taps as well as industrial floor cleaning chemicals.   

Commercial Floor Cleaning Supplies

The floors of your restaurant or food-service business should be kept clean and sparkling at all times because who would want to eat in an establishment that has grimy floors? Remember that customers visit your restaurant not just for the food but also for the ambiance and environment—it is understandable that your customers might not feel comfortable eating in a restaurant where the floors are not sparkling clean as they might see that the dirt and grime in your floors is an extension of your establishment’s lack of attention to cleanliness and hygiene.

But cleaning your floors need not be a daunting task. It is actually relatively easy as long as you have the right commercial floor cleaning equipment on hand. Get a commercial floor mop as well as an industrial broom, and you can make sure that you have clean and sparkling restaurant floors. 

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of commercial floor cleaning equipment manufactured by reputable brands Carlisle, Continental Mfg, Eagle, Panasonic, Rapids, and T&S.

Other Industrial Cleaning Supplies: Floor Signs, Pails & Hoses

Accidents caused by slipping because of a wet or slippery floor can easily be avoided by using a wet floor sign. And don’t be deceived by their simplicity: wet floor signs are extremely effective especially when they are highly reflective and brightly colored—this makes the signs easily recognizable by your diners or food-service crew. Simply put, a wet-floor warning sign is—as its name suggests—used to warn people about wet floors to help prevent those people from slipping and getting injured.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a selection of wet floor signs that feature English and Spanish lettering. You can choose from affordable wet floor signs ranging from $14.89 to $24.69.

You can also choose from a wide range of pails, buckets, hoses, and nozzles here at Rapids Wholesale, manufactured by Continental Mfg, San Jamar, and Vollrath

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