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Portion Control Spoons & Dishers

Looking for a specific type of food portioner for your food-service establishment or restaurant? How about a Vollrath disher, in particular? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of portion servers and portion control spoons from some of the most reputable brands in the market today: Browne, Tablecraft, and Vollrath.

Portion Control Serving Spoons

A restaurant or food-service establishment, contrary to popular belief, isn’t all about the taste of the food although that is also one of the most important aspects and considerations of running the business. Proper portion control is also important for running a successful restaurant or food-service business. Precise food portion control can be achieved with the right portion spoon.

A food portioner is a type of kitchen utensil that helps prevent you or any of your food-service staff/crew from over- or under-serving your customers and diners. In other words, a portioner makes for a more precise serving, so your guests will get just the right portion, no more, no less—this can ensure that your diners will enjoy their dining experience while, at the same time, getting their money’s worth in the process.

Also, portion servers can guarantee consistency among multiple servings of the same course.

There is a large selection of options when you are choosing from portion control spoons. You can get them in different sizes, capacities, and colors. Different colors of portion servers, in particular, play an important part and are not just for aesthetic purposes. Each color actually indicates the capacity that the food portioner holds.

In addition, some portion serving spoons come in a squeeze handle that makes dispensing a fairly simple task for your food-service staff and crew whether they are portioning out cookies into a cookie sheet before baking or they are scooping out ice cream for customers.

Types of Portion Servers Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Our Browne food portioner combines the best qualities of spoons and ladles into one convenient tool that is constructed of stainless steel and which features a heat-resistant black handle. This portioner boasts of a seamless design that keeps food or bacteria from accumulating, thereby ensuring food safety and cleanliness.

Browne portion serving spoons available here at Rapids come in two-ounce, three-ounce, four-ouncesix-ounce, and eight-ounce capacities.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a Vollrath disher, here at Rapids Wholesale you can choose from a wide selection. A Vollrath disher comes in a limited lifetime warranty and is available in different-colored handles. Vollrath disher size denotes number of servings per quart, and you can choose from different sizes: eight, ten, twelve, sixteen, twenty, twenty-four, thirty, forty, sixty, and seventy.

Or you might prefer our Tablecraft portioner, which helps prevent fatigued sore hands via a comfort hand grip.

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