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Whisks & French Whips

Looking for a certain type of commercial whisk? How about a French whip or a French whisk? Or perhaps a piano whisk or a piano whip? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide range of kitchen whisks manufactured by two reputable brands, Browne and Vollrath.

  1. French Whip 12" Stainless Steel


    French Whip 12" Stainless Steel for mixing heavy products

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  2. 11" Whisk


    11" Whisk, black handle

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  3. Balloon Whisk | 11"


    Balloon Whisk 11", black handle

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  4. Piano Whip 18" | Wire Whisk with Nylon Handle


    18" Piano Whip - Wire Whisk with purple nylon comfort handle by Vollrath for whipping or aerating sauces and toppings. From Jacob's Pride collection. Stainless steel wires, corrosion and rust resistant.

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What Are Kitchen Whisks?

A kitchen whisk or kitchen whip is a type of cooking utensil used in food preparation to perform a range of mixing tasks. Kitchen whisks are used to blend ingredients, usually in a bowl, until they are smooth. This process is known as whisking or whipping, hence the name of the utensil. The typical commercial whisk or French whip consists of a long and narrow handle affixed at the end to a series of wire loops. The wires are typically made of metal, but some are constructed of plastic that can be used with nonstick cookware. Some kitchen whisks can also be made of bamboo.

Kitchen whisks are commonly used to whip egg whites to make a firm foam that is used to make meringue or to make whipped cream.

Kitchen whisks are also one of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment nowadays. But while doing manual whisking or whipping is considered a physically demanding job, leading chefs and cooks attest to the effectiveness of quality kitchen whisks. Needless to say, manual cooking or whisking using a French whip or a piano whisk helps the cook or chef or any member of the food-service crew to be more in touch with the food that they are preparing and is, in fact, less likely to overwhip the frosting or batter because they can choose to stop at a moment’s notice unlike electric mixers that continue spinning long after they are turned off. If you want to get back to basics for your restaurant or food-service establishment, your best bet is a commercial whisk.

Different Types of Kitchen Whisks

There are actually different varieties of kitchen whisks depending what you are going to use them for. And their form, naturally, follows function. For instance, a French whip or French whisk features narrower and longer wire loops and has a more cylindrical profile, making it more suitable for use with deep, straight-sided pans. A French whip often features thicker stainless-steel wires that can help mix products that are heavier than usual. 

On the other hand, a piano whisk or piano whip is suitable for use in mixing delicate sauces and batters.

And there are more types of kitchen whisks depending on their usage: balloon kitchen whisks that are ideal for use with mixing bowls; a flat cooking whisk that is used for working in shallow vessels or skillets; gravy kitchen whisks that are ideal for mixing gravy, gelatin, batters, and sauces; twirl kitchen whisks; ball kitchen whisks; and cage or ball whisks.

Kitchen Whisks Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale you can choose from a large selection of kitchen whisks that include French whip and piano whip units.

Our kitchen whisks are manufactured by two of the most trusted brands in the food-service industry today, Browne and Vollrath.  

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