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Bar Towels & Dish Cloths

Wipe your bar, table, or kitchen clean with dish cloths, bar towels, and bar mop rags available here Rapids Wholesale. Unique dish towels and dishcloths manufactured by Chef Revival, the leading international developer and supplier of food-safety tools. Find dish rags, kitchen dish towels, wholesale kitchen towels and bulk dish towels at low prices. Towels and Dishcloths
  1. 11-3/4" x 11-3/4" Waffle Weave Dish Cloths (1 Dozen)


    Dish Cloth Waffle Weave Striped Cotton

    Dish Cloth, 11-3/4" x 11-3/4", waffle weave, 100% cotton, 1 dozen

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  2. Multi-stripe Bar Towel, 1 Dozen


    Glass Polishing Towel, 16" x 29", lint-free, non-abrasive, red stripes on white towel, 100% cotton

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  3. Heavy Weight Bar Towel, 100% Cotton, 1 Dozen


    Bar Mop, heavy weight, 100% cotton

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What Are Bar Towels?

Simply put, a bar towel is a type of cloth used in the kitchen or bar to wipe or clean dishes and other surfaces like bars, tables, or serving counters. Typical dish cloth fabric include cotton or other types of cloth such as microfiber. Kitchen rags usually measure around eleven to fifteen square inches.

Cleaning or Disinfecting Bar Mop Towels

Because dishcloths and bar towels are usually moistened to wipe and clean not just dishes but also different surfaces in the kitchen as well as tables, bars, and countertops, they can be an ideal breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and even viruses. And since in the kitchen sink there are often leftover morsels of food that come from dishes and pots and pans, kitchen dishcloths can actually be infected with E. coli and salmonella. Aside from the usual way of hand washing or cleaning dishcloths in a washing machine, there's another way to help disinfect dishcloths and kill off potentially harmful pathogens living in your dishcloth or bar rag. You can place a damp dishcloth inside a microwave for two minutes. This can kill 99 percent of the potentially harmful pathogens living in your dishcloth. However, great care should be exercised when doing this because, obviously, it can be a fire hazard, especially if the dishcloth is not sufficiently wet.

What Are Dish Rags?

Dish towels or dish rags are similar to dishcloths but are generally wider. While dishcloths are typically around eleven to fifteen square inches, dish towels can reach up to around nineteen and even twenty-six square inches. A dish towel is mainly used to wash, clean, and dry dishes. Kitchen towels that are absorbent and soft to the touch are usually more attractive to customers, and dish towel fabric has a lot to do with how popular and effective a certain dish rag can be. There are cotton dish towels, linen dish towels, and a combination of the two, linen cotton dish towels. The choice of what dish towel to buy for your restaurant or bar generally boils down in what you require. For washing of dishes, a linen dish towel would be more ideal. For drying and wiping purposes, a cotton dish towel can do the job better.

As with dishcloths, dish towels, because of the nature of their use, often come into regular contact with germs and bacteria especially those that are used to wipe kitchen sinks. Disinfecting dish towels by washing them with a strong soap, cleaning liquid, or even bleach should be done regularly. After washing, it is a good idea to dry dish towels out in the sun to prevent the regrowth of more bacteria and to avoid a foul-smelling dish towel.

Dishcloths and Restaurant Towels Available at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids offer dishcloths and kitchen towels wholesale. Our unique dish towels and dishcloths are manufactured by Chef Revival, the leading international developer and supplier of food-safety tools, food and bar management, disposable dispensing, hand-safety products, as well as chef and food-service apparel.

All our dishcloths and dish towels come by the dozen. Choose from waffle-weave dishcloths, economy towels, multi-stripe kitchen towels, and terry cloth dish towels and bar towels.

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