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Beer Coil Coolers & Jockey Boxes

Looking to keep your kegged beer cold for your next outdoor party or event? We at Rapids Wholesale have the perfect keg coil coolers that will help keep your beer chilled for hours. Keep your party and event guests happy with perfectly chilled draft beer, only through Rapids Wholesale's beer coil coolers and cold plate coolers.

Rapids Cold Plate Cooler & Coil Cooler Basics

Various Methods of Cooling Kegged Beer

There are various ways of keeping beer kegs cold during backyard picnics, beach outings, or outdoor parties. The most common and the simplest way is by submerging beer kegs in ice. There are many ways to go about this: you can use a large tub and fill it with ice and cool the beer kegs that way; you can also dig a pit, place your beer keg inside, and pour lots of ice on it. The disadvantage of choosing this option is that the coldness of the kegged beer is solely dependent on the ice surrounding it; in other words, when the ice melts, you can expect the beer to go warm almost immediately. This method requires one to keep on adding ice, which can be extremely inconvenient. Another disadvantage of this cooling option is that it can be a bit messy, especially when the ice melts, which is inevitable. Some people resort to using dry ice as an alternative to regular ice; however, dry ice is not as easy to handle (you need gloves in order to safely handle dry ice) and can potentially freeze the beer instead of just chilling or cooling it.

Another option for cooling beer kegs at outdoor functions is by using keg jackets and keg blankets. Keg-cooling jackets are usually made of insulating material such as vinyl, canvas, or polypropylene. These beer blankets are designed to fit snugly around standard-sized beer kegs, so there is no need for any ice. A keg blanket or keg jacket also usually features a hole at the top to accommodate a beer pump.

A third method of cooling kegged beer is by using coil coolers. A beer coil cooler is one of the most effective ways of cooling beer kegs for outdoor use.

How Do Keg Coil Coolers Work?

A coil keg coil cooler works by chilling the beer quickly on its way to the faucet as opposed to keeping the entire keg cold. Warm beer passes through a metal coil that is immersed in ice water, and this ensures that the beer passing through the coil is perfectly chilled. With a good-quality coil cooler, you are assured that the beer pouring out into your glass or mug is cold and ready to drink.

The Difference between Beer Coil Coolers and Cold-Plate Coolers

We at Rapids Wholesale offer a wide selection of keg coil coolers from one of the most trusted manufacturers of beer coolers, American Beverage. We also offer cold-plate coolers from the same manufacturer. So what is the difference between beer coil coolers and cold-plate coolers? As the name implies, coil coolers help chill beer through a metal coil that is submerged in a stainless-steel coil. In the case of cold-plate coolers, on the other hand, beer runs through an aluminum cold plate that is covered with ice. Both types of beer coolers are perfect for cooling or chilling warm kegged beer. Get your coiled-plate or coiled cooler now here at Rapids Wholesale!

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