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Catering Supplies & Equipment

Whether you run a large catering establishment or you are just starting up, we at Rapids Wholesale have all the commercial catering equipment and commercial catering supplies you will need to succeed in our business. Catering
  1. Aluminum Silver Fountain


    Use this self-contained beverage fountain as a centerpiece! Mirage style.

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  2. Browne 573151 Elite 13.5" Wave-cut Slicer Knife for Ham & Roast Beef


    Bufffet Slicing Knife

    Commercial Grade, highly polished , one piece construction slicing knife. Slicer, 13-1/2"L

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  3. Browne Solid Serving Spoon


    Solid Spoon, 11-3/4"L

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  4. Browne 4 Oz Ladle


    Ladle, 4 oz, 12"L

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Catering Supplies

Regardless of whether you are a veteran in the food-service business or starting up our own catering business or buffet restaurant, it is important to invest in the best catering equipment available in the market today. With the right and complete commercial catering equipment, you will avoid the hassles of not having enough commercial catering supplies for both your staff and your diners and guests.

A complete line of restaurant catering equipment includes chafing dishes and their accessories; insulated food and drink carriers; buffet and catering utensils; food tables and buffet stations; delivery bags and food carriers; catering trays, catering bowls, and catering crocks; and hand washing stations.

Catering Equipment Must-Have #1: Chafing Dishes and Accessories

One of the most important catering equipment supplies, a chafing dish is a type of portable grate, which is raised on a tripod and is used to heat and warm foods. This type of restaurant catering equipment is most commonly used to keep food warm, not just for use in catering businesses but also for use in restaurants, hotels, or food-service establishments that specialize in buffet lunches and dinners.

This type of equipment for catering helps to keep the food warm while on display. An advantage of chafing dishes is that they help prevent overcooking the food in your catering displays while keeping them warm and just at the right temperature every time.

Catering Equipment Must-Have #2: Insulated Food and Drink Carriers

Those that run a catering business would do well to invest in insulated food and drink carriers. This type of catering restaurant equipment will ensure that the food and drink intended for your guests are either hot or cold. This works because insulated carriers prevent outside air from entering the containers and making the food or drink the same temperature as the inside.

The key to keeping drinks or food hot or cold inside this type of commercial catering equipment is keeping the heat or cold from transferring from one place to another, whether it is inside or outside of the container or carrier.

Catering Equipment Must-Have #3: Buffet and Catering Utensils

At the heart of every establishment that specializes in catering are the utensils that are used to help your staff serve customers or help your diners help themselves. Needless to say, various types of utensils are some of the most important food catering supplies you will ever need. These catering tools and equipment commonly include utensils that are designed to help your food-service crew or your diners ladle, spoon, grab, and scoop food.

The most common types of these restaurant and catering supplies and utensils include include serving forks, serving tongs, buffet serving spoons, catering knives, and more.

Catering Equipment Must-Have #4: Food Tables and Buffet Stations

Another major type of catering equipment includes food tables and buffet stations. This type of large equipment for catering most helps warm pans of food and ingredients or, in the case of cold food tables, keep fresh produce and fruits fresh.

Food tables and buffet stations are some of the main attractions of caterers and restaurant buffets because they are where food is kept and displayed. This makes buffet stations and food tables one of the catering equipment must-haves that should be at the top of your shopping list.

Catering Equipment Must-Have #5: Delivery Bags and Food Carriers

One type of wholesale catering equipment that is somewhat underappreciated includes delivery bags and food carriers. This type of catering restaurant equipment is important in the transport of food from the kitchen or restaurant to the catering event, while keeping food still hot for customers and diners.

Keep food as hot as it was in your commercial kitchen even while being transported from your establishment to the catering event, with this type of catering restaurant equipment.

Catering Equipment Must-Have #6: Catering Trays, Bowls, and Crocks 

Needless to say, buffet catering equipment that includes catering trays, bowls, and crocks are a must-have for any buffet or catering business. Catering trays, bowls, and crocks are typically designed to display an assortment of food items for various catering events such as business meetings, parties, dinners, luncheons, large outdoor picnics, and others. 

Trays, bowls, and crocks are some of the bulk catering supplies that need to be purchased wholesale as you will need a wide array of these in order to display a large selection of foods for your diners and customers.

Catering Equipment Must-Have #7: Hand Washing Stations

Last but not the least, you will need to have proper hand washing stations in order to make sure that cleanliness and hygiene are kept at all times, even at catering events outdoors. This type of industrial catering equipment will make sure that a sanitary environment, both for your food-service crew and for your customers and diners, is kept at all times.

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