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Self Contained & Under Counter Ice Makers

Self-contained ice machines and undercounter ice makers suitable for smaller kitchen spaces are available here at Rapids Wholesale, from two of the most-trusted brands in commercial ice production, Manitowoc and Scotsman. Our self-contained ice machines produce different kinds of ice depending on what you require: dice cube ice, flake ice, half dice ice, nugget ice, and even octagon ice. You can also get a self-contained ice maker manufactured by Rapids Wholesale.  

What is a Self-Contained Ice Maker?

Self-contained ice machines are ice machines that are a combination of an ice machine and a storage bin—all in one unit. A self-contained ice maker is perfect for those establishment owners whose bar or restaurant kitchen is relatively small and space is a premium. This is because self-contained ice machines are smaller compared to other ice machines. This type of ice machine have a smaller ice yield compared to bigger types of machines such as modular ice machines. Thus self-contained ice machines have the advantage of easy storage even in small places, compared to modular ice machines.

The Difference Between Self-Contained Ice Machines and Modular Ice Machines

While self-contained ice machines are ice machines that are a combination of an ice machine and a storage bin, a modular ice machine in fact requires an additional storage bin. Bigger establishments that produce ice usually require a modular ice machine rather than a self-contained ice maker because modular machines tend to produce a higher yield of ice compared to self-contained ice machines.

Self-contained ice machines, on the other hand, are more suited for kitchens with limited space. This is because a self-contained ice maker doesn't require additional storage bins; rather, the storage bin and ice machine is assembled as one unit. This is also the reason why self-contained ice machines tend to produce a smaller yield of ice compared to their modular counterparts.

Undercounter Ice Machines at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale offer Manitowoc self-contained ice makers and Scotsman self-contained ice machines. You can also choose from a wide range of self-contained ice machines manufactured by Rapids Wholesale.

Introducing a crystal-clear, mineral-free, and slow-melting ice in 1950, Scotsman Ice Systems changed ice machines and beverages forever. It has been on the cutting edge of ice-machine innovation ever since and now offers one of the broadest lines of energy-efficient ice maker machines in the market today. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a great selection of Scotsman self-contained ice makers of different daily capacities: 500 to 800 pounds and under 500 pounds.

Founded in 1902, Manitowoc has since branched into commercial refrigeration equipment in the 1920s and now leads the industry in providing innovative refrigeration products for the food-service market. Depending on the ice-producing needs of your commercial establishment, here at Rapids Wholesale you can choose from Manitowoc ice bins of different sizes/widths: twenty-two inches or less and twenty-two inches up to thirty inches.

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