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Kegerator Conversion Kits

With our keg conversion kits and other kegerator supplies available here at Rapids Wholesale, you can build your own kegerator using a standard home refrigerator. We have all the kegerator supplies that you will ever need for an excellent do-it-yourself home kegerator.

Kegerator Conversion Video

This video features the Deluxe Conversion Kit.

  1. 2 Way PVC Barbed Ball Valve for Brewing Systems


    Two Way PVC Ball Valve with 3/8" Barbed Ends

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  2. Rapids Super Kegerator Conversion Kit for Fridge


    Rapids Super Kegerator Conversion Kit containing beer line, CO2 line, washers, fasteners, shank, faucet (with handle), keg coupler, CO2 regulator, and CO2 cylinder to convert a standard refrigerator into a kegerator.

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  3. CO2 Tank & Dual Gauge Regulator Kit


    This kit combines the necessary components to complete the pressurization of a keg dispenser or kegerator. CO2 kit comes with a 5 lb. CO2 cylinder, Dual gauge CO2 regulator, 4 ft CO2 hose and clamps. 12 lbs.

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  4. Rapids Deluxe Beer Keg Tapping Kit │Sankey Tap & Dual Gauge Regulator


    This kit combines the necessary components to dispense beer from a keg dispenser or kegerator that already has a faucet and beer line. Deluxe kit comes with a 5 lb. CO2 cylinder, Dual gauge CO2 regulator, 4 ft CO2 hose and clamps, sankey style keg coupler, and a beer line cleaning kit. 25 lbs.

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  5. Rapids Beer Tapping Kit for Cornelius Kegs | Ball Type Inlets


    Beer keg tapping kit for use with Cornelius style tanks using ball type in/out connectors.

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  6. Rapids Beer Tapping Kit for Cornelius Kegs | Slot Type Inlets


    Beer keg tapping kit for use with Cornelius style tanks using slot type in/out connectors.

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  7. Carbonating Keg Lid for Nitro Cold Brew


    Carbonating Corny Keg Lid with Diffusion Stone For Nitro Coffee Or Craft Beer

    Corny Keg Carbonation or Nitrogenation Lid with 0.5 um diffusion stone. This corny keg carbonation lid allows you to easily carbonate your commercial nitro cold brew coffee or beer inside your corny keg without shaking the keg. Note: Fits most corny-style kegs. Please pressure test with your keg for a good seal before deployment.

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  8. 22 CuFt Aluminum Nitrogen Cylinder for Dispensing Systems


    High Pressure Aluminum Nitrogen Cylinder | 22 Cu. Ft.

    This high pressure aluminum cylinder has a 623 l capacity and has a 5.3" dia. and a 17.1" length. It is perfect for dispensing beer, wine, or cold brew coffee.

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  9. 2-1/2 Gallon Cornelius-Style Bulk Tank with Lid, Stainless Steel - Corny Keg


    Corny Keg-Style Storage Tank, 2-1/2 Gallon Stainless Steel

    This commercial grade stainless corny keg is perfect for storing and pouring small batches of craft beer, cold brew coffee, wine, and craft soda. 2-1/2 Gallon Single Handle Ball-Lock Keg, 7 lbs.

    Looking for Rapids 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg? Find that here!

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  10. .5 um Diffusion Stone


    .5 Micron Carbonation/Nitrogenation Stone

    .5 um replacement diffusion stone for keg carbonation lid.

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What Is a Kegerator?

Before you start to build your own kegerator, a short background on the device should be in order. A kegerator, basically, is a residential draft-beer dispensing device, typically a refrigerated container where a keg of beer is stored to keep the beer chilled. Of course, the user should also be able to easily dispense the chilled beer onto a mug or glass through a beer tap.

The most common parts of a kegerator include the following: CO2 tank, regulator, coupler, beer and air line, tap, drip tray, faucet, faucet handle, and tower (for tower-conversion kegerator types). 

How to Build a Kegerator with Rapid's Keg Conversion Kits

How to make a kegerator? Perhaps you've asked yourself that question and are possibly daunted by the prospect of creating your own home kegerator. But you don't need to worry because with Rapids Wholesale's keg conversion kits, any home refrigerator to kegerator conversion is easy and hassle-free.

If you are just starting out with a plain home refrigerator, you might want to check out our deluxe kegerator conversion kits. Our do-it-yourself, deluxe keg conversion kits have everything you need  for kegerator conversion of any ideal home refrigerator, and they also come with either a single gauge or a dual gauge regulator.  

So how to build a kegerator with Rapids keg conversion kits? Just follow these simple steps: First, decide on a donor refrigerator to use, and remove all the shelving from the interior. Then, measure and mark off where you would like to place the beer-tap faucet (note that 48 inches from the ground is the ideal pouring height for beer). Then, using a drill bit, proceed to drill a hole all the way through the door, attach and secure the beer shank into the hole in the door, install the beer tap and handle in the shank, and then attach the washer to the beer shank. You can now connect the other end of the beer-line hose and then attach it to the top of the keg coupler.

Next, install the drip-tray holder a few inches directly below the beer tap by using a drill bit; after this, you can already attach the CO2 line to the CO2 regulator and also attach the regulator to the CO2 cylinder. Lastly, position the beer keg and CO2 cylinder inside the fridge, attach the keg coupler, engage the probe, and then open the CO2 cylinder and regulator valve to pressurize your beer system. Your kegerator is ready! You can now pour chilled beer onto a mug or glass, and enjoy or serve to your customers.

Why You Should Make Your Own Kegerator

So you've already decided to build a kegerator? You will be glad to know that any bar or home kegerator has cost benefits that make it a viable choice whether it is for personal use or for business. For instance, a bar or home kegerator can help you save on costs because a beer keg typically stores a large amount of cold beer, which helps you save up to 60 percent on costs compared to the same amount of beer volume packaged in cans and bottles. And depending on the brand of beer, cost savings can even be greater. Note that more specialized craft beers can usually provide significantly higher savings than common beer brands.

Aside from our deluxe keg conversion kits, you might also want to check out our basic conversion kit, super keg conversion kit, Rapids beer dispenser CO2 kit, and accessories such as aluminum CO2 cylinders, bulk tanks, CO2 quick disconnects, clamp-on towers, and more.

Lastly, please note that our deluxe keg conversion kits already include cleaning kits for effective beer-line cleaning

The History of Beer & Home Brewing

Before home brew stores came about offering easy-to-use brewing kits and brew supplies for those interested in brewing beer at home, producing beer or ale dated back to at least the fifth millennium BC in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. As such, beer or ale is considered one of the oldest beverage humans have ever produced. This is because almost any cereal containing sugars can be subjected to spontaneous fermentation with the help of wild yeasts in the air, which means ale-like beverages have been developed throughout the world as soon as cereal was domesticated.

Early beers developed thousands of years ago were a far cry from the beers produced today with the help of brewing equipment. Those beers were often thicker than today's average beer and often had bitter solids left over as a a result of fermentation. Nevertheless, even then beer was already one of the most common beverages and was consumed by everyone, across different social classes.

Nowadays, modern breweries produce many different types of brew ranging from lagers, dark beers, wheat beers, stouts, and more. Today, in fact, the brewing industry is a huge worldwide business involving multinational companies, and many other smaller brewers.

Of course, there are also those who prefer brewing beer at home, and this is where home brewing supplies, home brew kits, and equipment for home brewing come in.

Home brewing is the small-scale creation or brewing of beverages through fermentation. Home brewing of beverages is mostly done by people as a hobby or for personal consumption; it is usually for noncommercial purposes. The most common beverages that are home brewed include beer, wine, sake, mead, cider, and perry. And with home brewing kits and home brew supplies readily available nowadays, brewing beer at home has never been easier.

Brewing alcoholic beverages—wine and beer in particular—has been around for many years now and even goes back thousands of years ago. However, it has been regulated and even prohibited in certain places throughout the world. Home brewing restrictions have been lifted in several countries, among them and most recently the United States of America in 1978, and the United Kingdom and Australia in 1963 and 1972, respectively.

Nowadays, the legality of home brewing depends on a country-to-country basis; some countries, though, tend to limit the volume or amount that a certain individual can brew.

Beer Brewing Supplies and Kits

The basic principles behind home brewing beer are the same as commercial brewing: brewers produce a hopped wort and pitch yeast into the wort to stimulate fermentation. The complex process of brewing beer depends on the approach on how the beer is brewed. Generally, though, the simplest method is by using home brew kits from home brew supply stores.

Home brewing kits come in various types depending on your preference. There are brew kits that will help you produce the classic pale ales, and there are those brewing kits that will help you produce creamier ales. 

We at Rapids Wholesale offer beer brewing kits/sets, home brew ingredients,  as well as brewing equipment and beer brewing supplies such as quick disconnects, conversion sets and keg conversion kits, CO2 cylinders, tapping kits, and even coil boxes. Our brew supplies come from the most trusted manufacturers and brands that include Brewers Best and American Beverage as well as Rapids Wholesale's own manufactured products. 

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