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Kegerators & Portable Beer Taps

With Rapids Wholesale's portable beer tappers and kegerators, you can take your kegged beer wherever you, your friends, or the party goes. A portable keg tapper is a great way of transporting your kegged beer while keeping it chilled and at the perfect temperature for serving. Our beer kegerator tappers are manufactured by trusted brands Beverage Air, Perlick, and True.

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What is a Portable Beer Tap?

A portable beer tapper is essentially a beer dispenser that can be used outside a bar or restaurant, especially outdoors during a picnic or even a beach party. One big difference between a portable keg tapper and a beer dispensing cooler is that majority of beer dispensers are usually built to cool or chill  two or more kegs of beer, unlike a beer keg tapper that is limited to chilling one keg of beer, which is why it is more portable compared to ordinary beer dispensers.

Bars, pubs, taverns, or restaurant are establishments where people go for excellent and perfectly chilled draft beer. But it doesn't mean that cold draft beer should be limited to these places. With a portable kegerator, you can take your kegged beer wherever your party goes. A portable beer tapper is an excellent way to transport your beer while keeping it cool and at the ideal serving temperature.

How Do Kegerators Work?

A portable beer keg tapper generally uses and follows the same cooling process as a bar beer dispenser, just with the added advantage of portability. Because of this, portable beer keg tappers have the same basic components as bar-based beer dispensers. This also means that, like ordinary beer dispensers found in bars, portable beer tappers are also a combination of two other machines: a fridge and a keg of beer. Basically, portable keg tappers are wheeled fridges with a keg of beer inside, which is dispensed with the help of a spigot at the top.

There are a lot of how-to videos and how-to articles around the Internet nowadays that teach anyone to make their own keg tappers and kegerators. Well and good, because who wouldn't want to create their own beer tapper from scratch? However, one problem that may arise with making your own portable beer keg tapper is that the hole that you are required to bore at the top of the fridge that is used to thread the spout through can cause the precious cold to escape. This is because it is quite difficult to properly seal the opening to ensure that all the cold that the fridge creates stays inside to chill the beer keg 100 percent.

In a nutshell, portable beer keg tappers work by allowing the kegged beer to chill or cool within the specially designed fridge, with the cold beer dispensed through a spigot or spout installed at the top of the unit that taps into the beer keg inside the beer tapper.

Beverage Air Kegerators and other Portable Beer Keg Tappers 

You can choose a wide variety of portable keg tappers here at Rapids Wholesale, manufactured by reputable brands in beverage-cooling and refrigeration, Beverage Air, Perlick, and True.

Beverage Air, which was founded in 1944, is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the food-service and beverage industries. Our Beverage Air portable beer tappers come in both regular and club top, and you can choose between black vinyl and stainless-steel finishes.

Perlick Corporation is one of the leaders in total package bar and beverage systems manufacturing, including custom refrigeration equipment, custom underbar equipment, beer dispensing equipment and brewery fittings. The Perlick portable keg tapper available here at Rapids Wholesale has a two-inch-thick foamed-in-place insulation that helps save on energy costs.  It also features a self-closing door with heavy-duty stainless steel hinges that opens wide for convenient keg access.

True Manufacturing is one of the world leaders in refrigeration products and aims to provide a wide-range of American-made refrigeration products worldwide, which exceed quality and performance standards. You can choose from True portable beer keg tappers constructed from black vinyl and stainless-steel. Both units feature heavy, stainless-steel galvanized steel walls and a built-in drain line that allows access to floor drain. 

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