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Restaurant Glassware

Looking for commercial glassware or restaurant supply glasses such as restaurant wine glasses, restaurant kids cups, restaurant drinking glasses for juices or iced tea, and restaurant water glasses? Or perhaps you are looking for beer glassware wholesale? Here at Rapids Wholesale, we carry a wide variety of restaurant glassware and more, depending on what you prefer and what you require for your food-service establishment.

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    Carlisle Beverage, 22 Oz - Clear

    Carlisle Beverage, 22 Oz - Clear

    Regular Price: $4.69

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    22 oz Beverage

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  2. Beer Mug, 15 Oz 1 Doz, 1 Dozen


    15 oz Beer Mug, 3"Dia x 6"H, 1 Dz, 21lbs

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  3. Libbey 9 Oz Hourglass Pilsner, Ht, 1 Case


    9 oz, 2-7/8"Dia x 5-3/8"H, 3 Dz/Cs, 23 lbs Item No. 1176HT Capacity: 9 oz / 266 ml Height: 5-3/8" Top Diameter: 2-3/4" Bottom Diameter: 2-3/8" Maximum Diameter: 2-7/8"

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  4. Libbey 20 Oz English Pub Glass, Ht, 1 Case


    20 oz English Pub, 3-1/2"Dia x 6"H, 3 Dz/Cs, 28 lbs

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  5. Libbey 16 Oz English Pub Glass, Ht, 1 Case


    16 oz English Pub, 3-1/4"Dia x 6"H, 3 Dz/Cs, 24 lbs

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  6. Libbey 10 Oz Gibraltar Rocks Glass for Bars, Duratuff (Case of 36)


    Libbey Gibraltar Glass 15232, 10 oz, 3-1/2"Dia x 3-7/8"H, 3 Dz/Cs, 27 lbs

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A Look at Various Kinds of Restaurant Supply Glasses

Those who run a restaurant business need to have enough restaurant glassware in their establishment so as not to run out of glasses for their customers and guests. But before going out to purchase your commercial glassware, it is always a good idea to choose the right glasses for your restaurant or food-service establishment. It is also a good idea for you to choose the best commercial glasses available in the market today, so you can get the most out of your purchase.

Common restaurant glassware includes restaurant wine glasses, restaurant kids cups, restaurant water glasses, and more. It is essential to determine which type of restaurant glassware you require for your business.

Restaurant Water Glasses

When comparing various types of commercial glassware, you will find out that restaurant water glasses are some of the most heavy-duty. For instance, restaurant water glasses are thicker than other types of restaurant glassware, owing to a thick construction as well as straight sides. This allows restaurant water glasses to withstand the rigors of a busy restaurant and kitchen environment.

Needless to say, if you are looking to purchase restaurant water glasses for your food-service establishment and not for household use, you need to look for durability. For instance, the most durable water glasses tend to be short and thick, with straight sides and a heavy bottom.

For some of the best restaurant water glasses around, you don’t need to look further than Libbey’s. Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have a large selection of Libbey water glasses ideal for use in any restaurant or food-service establishment. You can choose from a variety of Libbey water glasses ranging from the classic model design and one with a heavier base or bulge tumblers.

Commercial Wine Glasses

Before going out to buy new restaurant wine glasses, one important thing to consider is the type of wines you will be serving. For instance, red wines are often commonly served in commercial wine glasses that have a wide bowl. This is because wide-bowled restaurant wine glasses to let in more air and release all of the aromas and flavors. On the other hand, white wines tend to give out more delicate flavors compared to reds, and they require commercial wine glasses that are narrower than those used for red wines.

However, regardless of the type of wine you are looking to serve in your establishment, it is important also to consider the aesthetic appeal of the restaurant supply wine glasses you need to purchase. Restaurant wine glasses are also made of different types of materials. The most common and preferred type of material is crystal. Because crystal tends to be thin and clear, it is a very good choice for restaurant wine glasses. Thinness is essential for the type of commercial wine glasses you will want to purchase because thicker glasses may throw off the taste of the wine. Thinner restaurant wine glasses can direct the wine to the proper area of the tongue, which results in the best taste of wine.

One disadvantage, however, of thinner commercial wine glasses is that it can break easily. It is therefore essential that you get a balance of functionality and durability when you purchase your restaurant supply wine glasses. Also, most wine connoisseurs will prefer a long-stemmed wine glass because the prevailing thought is that the long stem tends to keep your hands away from the glass and prevents it from warming up the wine—wines, experts say, should be served cooler than body temperature. However, there are restaurant wine glasses nowadays that don’t feature stems anymore, as wine drinkers are not expected to be holding an entire glass of wine anyway, enough to warm up the drink.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide selection of commercial wine glasses from Libbey. Our Libbey wine glasses include Libbey stemless wine glasses, Libbey red wine glasses, and more. Get your Libbey wine glasses wholesale here at Rapids.

Beer Glassware Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide selection of Libbey beer glasses, Libbey pilsner glasses or pub glasses, and Libbey pint glasses. If you want to purchase beer glassware wholesale, Rapids is the place for you.

Beer mugs are designed to have a thicker construction so that they can hold beer without breaking. Beer mugs feature sturdy and heavy-duty handles that makes for easier lifting. There are also dedicated beer glasses specifically for holding pints of brew, pilsner, and lager beers.

Some glasses are specifically designed to hold pints of beer or pilsner and lager beers. Pilsner glasses are specifically designed to flare at the top, being wider than the bottom. Pint glasses are very versatile as they can also be used to hold water, ciders, and soda aside from beers.

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