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Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration
Cooling, chilling, or freezing—it all starts here with Rapids Wholesale's refrigeration units and equipment. For merchandising, food storage, or service, turn to commercial refrigerators available here at Rapids Wholesale.
bar refrigerators
Bar Refrigerators
Bottle Coolers, Beer Dispensers, Keg Cabinets, Kegerators, Portable Beer Taps & Glass Chillers.
commercial ice machines
Commercial Ice Machines
Commercial Ice Makers, Ice Bins, Self Contained Ice Makers, Under Counter Ice Machines, Ice Dispensers, Cleaners & Ice Caddies.
Glass Chiller
Glass & Plate Chillers
Glass Chillers & Plate Frosters from True Refrigeration, Beverage Air, Perlick and more.
Commercial Merchandiser
Merchandisers & Display Cases
Reach-in Refrigerators, Reach-in Freezers, Glass Door Displays, Ice Merchandisers, Deli Cases, Sushi Display Cases, Milk Coolers & Bakery Cases.
Walk-In Coolers
Walk-In Coolers
Walk-in Refrigerators, Walk-in Freezers, Refrigeration Parts, Replacement Doors, Strip Doors & Curtains, Dunnage Racks, Glass Display Doors and Cooler Shelving.
Sandwich Prep
Kitchen Refrigerators
Reach-in Coolers, Kitchen Prep Tables, Under Counter Refrigerators, Work Top, Chef Bases & True Refrigerators.
True Mfg Refrigeration
True Refrigeration
True brand refrigerators, True merchandisers, True Freezers, True display cases and more.
Beverage Air Refrigeration
Beverage Air
Beverage Air branded refrigeration equipment: Beverage Air Bar Refrigerators, Glass Frosters, Plate Chillers, Display Refrigerators and more.

More on Commercial Refrigeration

Bar Refrigeration

You can choose from a wide selection of bar fridges and commercial coolers here at Rapids. Our bar refrigerators are perfect not only for bars but also for any establishment that serves cold drinks or beverages and even food (particularly taverns, pubs, cafés and restaurants). We at Rapids Wholesale give you refrigeration products from some of the top manufacturers in the market today. Get more out of your business with our wide range of commercial bar coolers that include bottle coolers, beer dispensers, portable tappers, and glass chillers.

True Refrigerators

True Manufacturing is one of the world leaders in refrigeration products and aims to provide a wide-range of American-made refrigeration products worldwide, which exceed quality and performance standards. It is widely considered as the top manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment and has been a favored supplier for decades. Select and purchase True brand refrigeration here at Rapids Wholesale, all in one place.

Commercial Kitchen Refrigerators

Choose from a wide variety of reach-in refrigerators; salad, sandwich, and pizza prep tables; undercounter refrigerators; chef bases; and worktop refrigerators and freezers here at Rapids Wholesale. Any business establishment that requires excellent refrigeration will benefit immensely from our kitchen-refrigeration equipment, which are manufactured by the leading brands in commercial refrigeration today: Beverage Air, True, Arctic Air, Delfield, Traulsen, and Turbo Air.

Ice Machines

Choose from commercial ice machines from our selection that include ice bins, ice dispensers, self-contained ice machines, and ice maker heads. Rapids Wholesale's ice machines and accessories are perfect for any food-service or beverage-service establishment and even hospitals and hotels. Depending on your business's needs, we have the ideal commercial ice machine for you. And because each business determines which kind of ice is needed, it is important to match the right type of ice machine maker for the right type of ice you require. We at Rapids will provide you with the industrial ice machine that can produce various types of ice, from cubed ice, half-cube ice, and flake ice to nugget ice, crescent ice, and even octagonal ice.

Merchandisers and Refrigerated Display Cases

In addition to bar and restaurant owners, those who run delis, supermarkets, and bakeries can also benefit with Rapids Wholesale's display refrigerators. Our display refrigerators will help you keep your merchandise cool and fresh while showcasing them to your customers and patrons. Our deli refrigerators, reach-in refrigerated display cases, refrigerated merchandiser displays, ice cream display refrigerators, and refrigerated bakery cases are guaranteed to catch your customers' attention while providing top-of-the-line cooling.

Walk-In Freezers and Refrigerators

Walk-in coolers and walk-in refrigerators are essentially refrigerated storage rooms. They are many times larger than reach-in refrigerators, and are built to store and keep larger items such as whole cases of drinks, large slabs of meat, and crates of produce. We at Rapids Wholesale offer both indoor and outdoor commercial walk-in coolers and freezers.

Beverage Air Refrigerators

Beverage Air, which was founded in 1944, is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the food-service and beverage industries. Get industry-leading quality refrigeration equipment here at Rapids Wholesale.

Glass and Plate Chillers

Glass and plate chillers or frosters for ideal food and beverage service. Glass chillers are essentially fridges that are particularly designed to frost or chill glasses and mugs. Every bar, especially those that serve cocktails or beer should have commercial glass froster bar equipment. An excellent mug froster is great at chilling or frosting glasses or mugs and provides an even layer of frost as opposed to other methods of frosting glassware that requires ice.

Glass chillers are refrigerators that are specifically designed to chill or frost your bar's glassware, like cocktail glasses and beer mugs. Every bar, tavern, pub, or club owner should consider investing in a commercial glass froster bar equipment. A good mug froster is especially efficient at frosting or chilling a large number of glasses or mugs and provides an even layer of frost compared to other frosting methods that require you to use ice.

Some glass chillers actually double as plate chillers or plate coolers. The best plate chillers are those that keep plates of appetizers and salads cold and chilled for longer periods.

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