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Restaurant Guest Checks

Looking for guest checks for your restaurant, bar, or any other food-service establishment? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of restaurant guest checks depending on the size of paper, the type of material, and more. All our guest checks for restaurants are sold by the case.

Restaurant Guest Checks

What are guest checks? Simply put, guest checks are forms that are used by food-service establishments to record the orders of customers. Restaurant guest checks are then presented afterward for payment. Guest checks for restaurants are also used to control inventory and cash. They are great to use for assuring prompt and accurate service for customers.

Owners of food-service establishments who want to save money and who do not want to run out of individual guest checks can opt to purchase restaurant guest check books to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. For instance, some custom guest checks come printed with numbers on them that indicate a particular shift of a food-service staff. This allows the food-service owner to control the number of restaurant guest checks that are issued to a certain food-service crew. In other words, restaurant checks are excellent in the business sense because owners can a high-level of control over the receipts, which is a very big advantage to food-service owners. In fact, food-service owners should practice auditing of restaurant checks to keep the business in good shape.

The best thing about using a guest check book is that its pages already have the necessary grids and all the information that you will ever need in order to bill your customers or diners accurately. Why use leftover paper that can potentially cause errors in computation and billing, when you can use a restaurant checkbook that is more convenient and more accurate?  Also, in the case of high-end and classy restaurants and food-service establishments, it is important to maintain a good first impression, and good-quality guest checks can help achieve this.

How Guest Checks Are Used

In addition, proper restaurant checks help streamline orders for the benefit of both the food-service establishment and the diner or guest. Your food-service staff such as a busboy, waiter, or waitress will write it accurately on a waitress notepad, a restaurant order pad, or a waiter order pad. The orders are then transferred to a guest check book. In this manner, your diners know what exactly they ordered and will expect to pay for the same amount. Guest checks for restaurants, therefore, are excellent for instilling trust in the guest because they can conveniently double-check what they ordered before they pull out their wallet and fork over their money to pay for the meal.

Most, if not all, restaurant guest checks also make sure that your diners are served correctly. This is in large part because guest checks have a place where the table number can be added, thus waiters and waitresses can easily determine which tables to serve and not confuse them, and be more responsible about the particular customers that they are serving.

Needless to say, incorrect entries in a guest check can cause the restaurant to lose their good reputation. This can be avoided by using quality restaurant guest checks that help any member of your food-service staff to properly input details and numbers into the page for easy computation by the cashier and convenient double-checking by the customer, diner, or guest. 

Guest Checks Available at Rapids Wholesale  

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a variety of guest checks for restaurants or any other food-service establishment, depending on the size of the paper, and if you prefer with or without carbon. You can also choose from either paper or med board.

In addition, depending on your preference and what you require for your food-service establishment, you can also choose from the following sizes of restaurant guest checks: 3-1/2 X 6-3/4 or 4-1/4 X 9. All our guest checks are sold by the case.  

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