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Restaurant Signs

Make sure there is no confusion among customers in your restaurant or food-service restaurant, with our wide variety of restaurant display signs here at Rapids Wholesale.
  1. Black and White Plastic "In" Sign, 9" x 3", Adhesive Backing


    Restaurant "In" Sign, Black and White Plastic

    Eliminate the threat of collisions by streamlining your workflow using this directional sign. This sign is in English and has a clear picture indicating what action an employee should take if they have trouble reading.

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  2. Sign 9x3" No Admittance


    No Admittance sign.

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  3. Black 'Pull' Sign


    Pull Sign, 9"W x 3"H

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  4. Black 'Push' Sign


    Push Sign, 9"W x 3"H

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  5. Save 63% Now!
    Smoke Free Environment Sign with No Smoking Symbol

    "Smoke Free Environment" Sign-No Smoking Sign

    Regular Price: $3.99

    Special Price: $1.49

    "Smoke Free Environment" Sign with No smoking symbol. Plastic Coating, easy to clean Non Smoking Sign

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Restaurant Signs

With the right restaurant display signs, you can be sure that you will get your message across to your customers correctly. And getting your professional message properly to your diners and guests is, needless to say, very important. Quality restaurant signs will not only make sure that your restaurant or food-service establishment is getting its point across, but it is also a great way to show your customers that you are concerned about their safety and well-being as well as the fact that you want to connect with them and help them enjoy their stay as much as possible.

Generic restroom signs? No smoking signs? Handicapped restroom signs? LED restaurant signs? Restroom ADA signs? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can make sure that there are no confused customers and diners in your restaurant or food-service establishment with our wide array of restaurant signs.

Smoking/No Smoking Signs

While smoking was perfectly accepted in the fifties, sixties, and seventies, nowadays it is somewhat frowned upon. This is true most especially in public places—these days there is a certain stigma attached with smoking in public places, and the result is smoking bans that are specifically aimed at protecting people from inhaling second-hand smoke, which can lead to an increased risk of various tobacco-related diseases, which include emphysema, cancer, heart disease, and more. In public places where smoking is prohibited, no smoking safety signs are commonly used to let potential smokers know that they cannot light up in these specific areas.  

However, in restaurants, food-service establishments, bars, pubs, clubs, and taverns, it is still essential to reserve smoking areas for customers who want to enjoy cigarettes after a meal or those who want to light up a cigarette to go with their beer, liquor, wine, or cocktails. In contrast to no smoking signs, specifically indoor/outdoor no smoking signs are restaurant display signs that tell customers that smoking is permitted or allowed. Needless to say, a smoking-is-permitted sign clears away any confusion that a customer or patron might have about whether they can smoke in a certain area or not. These types of restaurant display signs are not only ideal for food-service establishments but are also perfect when used in other public places like hotels and airports where smoking areas and non-smoking areas tend to be ambiguous.

Other Must-Have Signs for Restaurant Use: Entrance/Exit Restaurant Signs

Other most-have signs for restaurant use are entrance and exit restaurant display signs. These types of restaurant signs are very important because they are usually required by local safety codes in public food-service establishments. Most, entrance/exit restaurant signs are placed near doors that are not marked clearly, include stairways.

It is also perhaps important to note here that the National Fire Protection Association is one of the biggest proponents of entrance and exit restaurant display signs. The NFPA actually gives instructions particularly to managers and owners of buildings and establishments such as restaurants so that they will provide the correct information to occupants of these buildings or customers of these restaurants via correct display signage. Needless to say, in the untoward incident of a fire in a restaurant or food-service establishment, entrances and exits should be clearly marked with the use of restaurant display signs for the safety and benefit of customers.  

Restroom Door Signs

In the case of restroom signs, they should be clearly marked with mens restroom signs or womens restroom signs to avoid confusion on your customers’ part. Needless to say, restrooms in your restaurant or food-service establishment should always indicate whether it is for men, women, or the handicapped. However, there are also unisex restroom signs that you can use especially if the restroom in your restaurant or food-service establishment is meant to be shared by both men and women. In addition, there are restaurant restroom signs that are specifically made to let people know that the restroom is only meant to be used by customers only. Signs like these are used to prevent people on the street from going inside your restaurant or food-service establishment with the purpose of just using your restroom and just leaving after.

On the other hand, there are restrooms in some restaurants or food-service establishments that are solely for the use of employees only. Usually, these restrooms are situated at the back of the restaurants and should be marked to avoid any confusion on the part of the customer or your food-service staff or crew.

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