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Fryer Baskets, Filters & Accessories

Get your deep fryer accessories here at Rapids Wholesale, such as fryer baskets, deep fryer filters, heat gloves, deep fryer cleaners, fryer brushes, filter holders, and more.  Our commercial deep fryer accessories are manufactured by trusted brands that include Carlisle, Cecilware, Chef Revival, Continental Mfg, Frymaster Dean, Vollrath, and our very-own manufactured fryer accessories.

  1. Wire 11" Fry Basket for Commercial Deep Fat Fryers


    Fry Basket, 11"L x 5-3/8"W x 4-1/8"H, black plastic handle, nickel plated, 2.5 lbs

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  2. French Fry Bagger Scoop, Right Handle


    French Fry Bagger Scoop, right handle

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  3. Aluminum Sauce Pan, 10 Qt.


    Fryer/Pasta Pan, 12" dia. x 6-1/4," without cover

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  4. 10-1/2" Round Wire Basket


    Wire Fry Basket, 4 mesh, 10-1/2" x 6", round.

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  5. Universal Splash Guard for Commercial Deep Fryers


    Stainless Steel Fryer Splash Guard, 20-1/2" D X 18" W X 1"H. Clips most fryers with 1" wide walls. Can be used on either side of fryer to prevent oil splashed on walls, floors, and other equipment. Easily detaches for cleaning.

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  6. Frymaster Shortening Disposal Unit, 100 Lb


    Low tank height of 11-1/2" allows unit to fit under most fryers.

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  7. Taco Shell Deep Fryer Basket (8 6-inch shells)


    (8) 6" Taco Shell Fry Basket, 22"W x 6-3/4"D x 9-1/2"H, 4 lbs

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Fryer Baskets

Commercial fryer units already come with one or two commercial fryer baskets. Extremely busy commercial kitchens, however, usually fry various kinds of food items; that's why it is a great idea to have extra fryer baskets in stock just to make sure kitchen staff can pull one out in case an emergency arises.

There are several factors, though, that you need to consider when purchasing extra commercial deep fryer baskets for your fryer. One, and the most obvious, is making sure that you check both the size and shape of the deep fat fryer baskets you want to purchase so that they will fit perfectly in your fryer's vat.

Commercial fryer baskets come in different shapes and sizes, but rectangular fryer baskets are most commonly found in commercial establishments like restaurants. These deep fat fryer baskets can be used for virtually any kind of food item but are most ideal for frying fried chicken, breaded fish fillets, onion rings, and french fries. Those establishments that serve doughnuts should consider investing in rounded commercial fryer baskets. Other foods such as taco shells and tostadas will also require different-shaped deep fat fryer baskets.

The depth and width of commercial deep fryer baskets or the diameter of rounded fryer baskets are important to look at because these are the main things to consider to make sure that your basket will fit into your fryer. Generally, two commercial fryer baskets will fit side by side in most fryers. However, just to make sure, it is always a good idea to cross-check the basket size with the fry area.

Why You Need to Use a Deep Fryer Filter for Your Commercial Fryer

Why should you filter the oil that you use in your commercial fryer? Filtering cooking oil in your fryer helps reduce the debris in the oil, which in turn, gives you better-quality food items and allows the cooking oil to last longer. Debris or food sediment that is collected in the oil after several fryings can cause the build-up of unhealthy substances such as carbon and gum deposits, which can result in health issues. These substances can also affect the taste and quality of the fried foods.

The aforementioned are just some of the reasons why you need to seriously consider using a deep fryer filter. A deep fryer oil filter helps filter pieces of sediment that collect in the oil used in your fryer. Using a fry oil filter will ensure that your oil does not degrade quickly and that it will last for a few more uses, thus saving you money in the long run.  

So what causes fryer oil degradation? There are several factors, but here are some of the most common reasons: Frying high-sediment foods such as freshly battered foods and foods with breading or high-flour content as well as foods with high water content like fish, french fries, and frozen foods; excessively high cooking temperatures; poor design of fryer heating element; overexposure to air during filtration; dirty pots;  carbonized and burnt food stuck to fryer walls and tubes; and commercial fryers that don't have any fry oil filter.

Deep Fryer Accessories at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from our commercial deep fryer accessories, from deep fryer filters and deep fryer cleaners to fryer powders. Our deep fryer accessories are manufactured by trusted brands that include Carlisle, Cecilware, Chef Revival, Continental Mfg, Frymaster Dean, Vollrath, and our very-own manufactured fryer accessories.

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