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Ice Merchandisers

Store and display ice in your grocery, supermarket, or convenience store with our ice merchandisers and ice display cases, and watch your profits soar. We have ice merchandiser freezers from three of the most-trusted brands in commercial refrigeration and commercial ice production in the market today, Leer, Manitowoc, and True

  1. 20# Ice Bags, Case of 1000 Billy Bags


    20 Lb. Ice Bags for Use with Billy Bagger

    Case of 1000 20# Ice bags for use with Ice Baggers.

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  2. 8# Ice Bags, Case of 1000 Billy Bags


    8 Lb. Ice Bags Case of 100 Billy Bags

    Case of 1000 8# Ice bags for use with Ice Baggers.

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  3. Billy Bagger, 20 Pound Ice Bagger


    20 Pound Ice Bagger

    This ice bagger is designed to hang onto the side of the ice bin for easy access. 13”W x 15”D x 33”H, 45 lbs

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  4. Billy Bagger, 8 Pound Ice Bagger


    8 Lb. Ice Bagger -Billy Bagger

    8 Pound Ice Bagger slips over the side of your ice machine enabling you to bag your own ice. For use with 8 Lb. Ice bags.  13”W x 15”D x 26”H, 30 lbs

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  5. Ice Machine Bag Ties (Box of 2000)


    Box of 2000 Ties (bags and holder sold separately).

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  6. Leer L60ASL 2-Door Outdoor Bag Ice Merchandiser


    Commercial Ice Freezer 2 Door Outdoor Ice Merchandiser Leer L60ASL

    This outdoor ice merchandiser for sale has a two of doors and holds 207 seven-pound bags. The L60ASL outdoor ice bin merchandiser is 73 inches wide, 35 1/2 inches deep, and 68 3/4 inches tall. This outdoor ice merchandiser measures 60 cubic feet and has a crated weight of 435 pounds.

    Not the Ice Merchandiser you were looking for? Find all Outdoor & Indoor Commercial Ice Merchandisers Here.

    Please note: To ensure proper delivery, a forklift or dock must be present at the delivery location. If you do not have access to either of these, you will need to add the lift gate service to your cart as well.

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  7. Leer L40ASL 1-Door Small Outdoor Ice Merchandiser


    Commercial Outdoor Ice Merchandiser Single Door Leer L40ASL

    This Leer outdoor ice merchandiser features one door and can hold 150 seven-pound bags. The L40ASL outdoor ice freezer is 50 1/2 inches wide, 35 1/2 inches deep, and 68 3/4inches tall. This Leer ice bin merchandiser measures 40 cubic feet and has a crated weight of 345 pounds.

    Not The Ice Merchandiser Your Were Looking For? Find All Outdoor & Indoor Ice Merchandisers Here.

    Please note: If a dock or a forklift is not available at the point of delivery, please add the $100 lift gate service to your cart to ensure proper handling.

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  8. Leer L100AS 2-Door Outdoor Ice Bag Merchandiser Freezer


    Commercial Ice Freezer - Leer L100AS Outdoor Ice Merchandiser

    This Leer ice merchandiser has two doors and holds 410 seven-pound bags. The L100AS outdoor ice bin merchandiser is 94 inches wide, 35 1/2 inches deep, and 76 1/2inches tall. This Leer commecial ice freezer measures 100 cubic feet and has a crated weight of 560 pounds.

    Not The Ice Merchandiser You Were Looking For? Find All Outdoor & Indoor Merchandisers here

    Please note: A dock or forklift must be present at the delivery location of this item, as it is too large to be eligible for our lift gate service.

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  9. Manitowoc K-00146 Ice Bagger Kit - 250 Ice Bags & Ties


    This portable ice bagger from Manitowoc is 10 1/4 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 28 3/4 inches in height. This Manitowoc ice bagger has a crated weight of 34 pounds.

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What Is an Ice Merchandiser?

Ice merchandisers are commercial refrigeration units used to store and display ice. Because ice usually has the highest margin of profit among other items sold in supermarkets and convenience stores, it is a very profitable product to have; and, thus, owning a good-quality ice display case would obviously be a great acquisition for your establishment.

If you don’t produce your ice yourself, once it is delivered to your establishment, storing it properly in your grocery, supermarket, or convenience store is essential. An ice merchandiser freezer not only assures that your ice is kept safe and solid and ready for selling but also helps make it visible for your customers. In addition, a properly-situated ice merchandiser especially those placed in high-traffic areas where customers are sure to see your ice display case would do wonders as this will increase the foot traffic of your patrons considerably and would, in turn, dramatically impact your store sales.

Using Ice Display Freezers in Tandem with Ice Machines

If you are seriously considering making your own ice that you want to sell in your supermarket, grocery store, or convenience store, then using a commercial ice machine along with an ice merchandiser is the way to go.

Commercial ice makers differ from ice merchandisers in that the former is used to create ice from scratch, while the latter is used to store and display the already-made ice. We at Rapids Wholesale have a wide selection of ice machines and ice makers, depending on what you require. Choose from ice bins, ice dispensers, self-contained ice machines, and ice maker heads perfect for use not only in supermarkets, convenience stores, or grocery stores but also ideal for your restaurant, bar, pub, café, salad bar, or deli.

You can also use an ice freezer in tandem with your ice maker and store it in your restaurant or bar’s kitchen.

Ice Display Cases and Commercial Ice Freezers Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have ice merchandisers from three of the most reputable brands in commercial refrigeration today, Leer, Manitowoc, and True.

True Manufacturing is one of the world leaders in refrigeration products and aims to provide a wide-range of American-made refrigeration products worldwide, which exceed quality and performance standards. It is widely considered as the top manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment and has been a favored supplier for decades. Want a True freezer ice merchandiser for your establishment’s ice-displaying needs? Get a True merchandiser for ice, and you can choose from one-door or two-door models.

Leer has been the world's leading manufacturer of ice merchandisers for over 50 years. Through product innovation, customization, and superior quality, they’ve created a strong team of products and specialized services designed to meet an evolving marketplace, such as our stock and custom walk-in coolers and ice freezers. Our Leer ice merchandisers are available in one or two doors, depending on what you require for your establishment. Get a Leer ice merchandiser now for your grocery store, supermarket, or convenience store.

Manitowoc Foodservice is an award-winning manufacturer of food-service and beverage-service equipment. They are focused on providing excellent refrigeration services with their world-class ice makers, ice machines, commercial refrigerators, and ice display cases and ice merchandisers. Need an ice bag merchandiser? Our durable stainless-steel Manitowoc units will help you fill an eight-pound bag of ice in less than ten seconds.

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