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Commercial Ice Makers

Looking to produce ice on a regular basis for your bar or restaurant? We at Rapids Wholesale have a large selection of commercial ice machines manufactured by two of the most-trusted brands in the ice-making industry today, Manitowoc and Scotsman. Our ice machine makers produce different types of ice, depending on what you require:  dice cubehalf diceflaked, and nugget ice. Our industrial ice makers produce a per-day output of ice ranging from  500 to 800 pounds, over 800 pounds, or under 500 pounds, depending on your establishment's needs.

  • Manitowoc IYT-0500A Half Dice Ice Cube Machine Maker (550 lb capacity)
  • Shown with optional bin
  • Shown with optional bin
  • Shown with optional bin
  • Manitowoc BG-0260A "Big Shot" Gourmet Ice Cube Maker
  • Manitowoc RNF-0620A-161 Nugget Ice Cube Maker (591 lb capacity)
  • Manitowoc RNS-0308A Nugget Ice Cube Maker (315 lb capacity)
  • Manitowoc ID-0852A Indigo Cube-Style Ice Maker (785 lb capacity)
  • Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Maker, Cube-Style Half-Dice IY-0604A
  • Shown with optional bin
  • Manitowoc IDT-1200A Dice Ice Cube Machine Maker (1196 lb capacity)
  • Manitowoc IDT-0500A Dice Ice Cube Machine Maker (520 lb capacity)
  • Manitowoc IDY-0450A Half Dice Ice Cube Machine Maker (490 lb capacity)
  • Manitowoc IDT-0450A Dice Ice Cube Machine Maker (470 lb capacity)
  • Manitowoc IYT-0620A Half Dice Ice Cube Machine Maker (575 lb capacity)

What Is a Commercial Ice Machine?

An ice machine is an indispensable part of any restaurant, bar, tavern, or even hotel. From the usual regular ice cubes to the more specialized nugget ice, there is an ideal ice machine maker depending on the requirements of a particular establishment. For instance, other factors to be considered when choosing an ice maker machine aside from the shape of ice may include the type of ice, how much ice yield is required, and ice storage and even filtration.

Restaurant and bar kitchens, in particular, have different ice requirements especially when talking about the type or shape of ice. There are some that require the simple cube ice, others look for flaked ice, and there are those that prefer nugget-shaped ice. This is because there are different uses for each particular shape of ice. For food displays (especially seafood or meats) and salad bars, flake ice is often preferred. Uses for the more regular cube ice varies, and they are more versatile: they can be used for anything although they are most commonly used for keeping both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks cold. Nugget ice is designed to be more easy to blend; thus they are perfect for use crushed in smoothies and frozen cocktails.

When you have chosen the type of ice that you require for your establishment, the next thing to consider is how much ice you will need on a per-day basis. This is the most important thing to consider when looking to purchase a commercial ice machine. Commercial ice machines can produce as much as a few hundreds of ice per day, but you need to make sure that they produce just enough for your establishment's needs.

How Do Commercial Ice Makers Work?

An industrial ice maker is a particular type of equipment that makes ice for commercial establishments' kitchens, especially bars, taverns, restaurants, and other establishments that need to serve cold drinks and keep food on ice. Most industrial ice machines have a built-in water source as well as a freezing ice-tray mechanism. This helps them produce a large amount of ice throughout a period of twenty-four hours, even faster than regular multipurpose freezers. There are restaurant ice machines that produce cubed (both dice cube and half dice), flaked, and nugget ice, depending on what the establishment's owner requires.

Needless to say, ice maker machines are specifically created to make the highest quality of ice possible. Therefore periodic cleaning and regular filtration of water are both necessary to keep producing excellent ice and to make sure that the taste of the ice produced is consistent and pleasant.

Manitowoc & Scotsman Ice Makers at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale have automatic ice machines manufactured by some of the top brands in the market today, Manitowoc and Scotsman.

Founded in 1902, Manitowoc has since branched into commercial refrigeration equipment in the 1920s and now leads the industry in providing innovative refrigeration products for the food-service market. Depending on the ice-producing needs of your commercial establishment, here at Rapids Wholesale you can choose from Manitowoc industrial ice machines that can produce a per-day output of 500 to 800 pounds, over 800 pounds, or under 500 pounds.

Introducing a crystal-clear, mineral-free, and slow-melting ice in 1950, Scotsman Ice Systems changed ice machines and beverages forever. It has been on the cutting edge of ice-machine innovation ever since and now offers one of the broadest lines of energy-efficient ice maker machines in the market today. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a great selection of automatic ice machines that produce flake, diced cube, and nugget ice depending on your establishment's requirements. 

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