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Keg Tap Pumps

Do you have a party or picnic coming up? Want to serve beer straight from the keg? Choose from a wide selection of picnic pumps and portable keg taps available here at Rapids Wholesale—all at affordable prices. What's more, we have a variety of keg hand pumps that will fit any beer keg. Don't start your party without the perfect portable beer pump from Rapids Wholesale.

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How Do Party Pumps Work?

Unlike a typical bar setup wherein a pressure-dispense system delivers beer with the help of carbon dioxide canisters, a portable draft pump can be used to dispense beer stored in kegs even without the CO2. In a pressure-dispense bar tap, beer stored in kegs are forced out of the container using external pressure from a carbon dioxide (or occasionally nitrogen) cylinder. This forces the beer out of the keg and up to a narrow tube to the bar, into the beer tap, and finally into a mug or glass. In the case of picnic pumps, the same beer kegs that are used along with pressure-dispense systems can also be utilized. So how do they work? Portable beer pumps work by first attaching the pump to the keg. After the pump is attached to the keg, the faucet is opened, and the natural pressure inside the beer keg is released. The portable tap is then pumped, putting pressure into the keg, and by pressing on the beer tap handle, beer is released.

One important thing to remember, though, is that beer dispensed using a picnic pump should be consumed within twenty-four hours. Unlike beer systems used in bars, party pumps cause air to enter the keg, and when air is mixed in with beer, it naturally loses its flavor and tends to go flat.     

Pump Up Your Outdoor Party or Picnic with Rapids' Picnic Pumps

We at Rapids Wholesale have a wide selection of portable beer pumps perfect for any outdoor event, party, picnic, or other functions that require serving draft beer straight from beer kegs. We have a variety of portable draft pumps from trusted manufacturers that include American Beverage, Uber Tap, Taprite, Perlick, and more. Our simple but effective keg hand pumps fit any beer keg and are easy to attach, so you have a lot less time to worry and even more time to party!

Although our keg pumps fit a variety of beer kegs, please make sure that you have the right tap to match the beer you purchased. You can ask any of our friendly Sales Representatives here.

Need More Help? No Problem!

Many of our expert Sales Representatives have years of experience in the food-service and beer industries before coming to join us. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here in our website, at one of our convenient locations, or even in our frequently mailed catalogs, please feel free to contact us, and one of our knowledgeable Rapids Wholesale Sales Representatives will immediately assist you in locating the products that you need.

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