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Professional Cutlery

Looking for the best in commercial cutlery for your restaurant or food-service business? Here at Rapids Wholesale, we give you a wide variety of knives from our wide selection of professional cutlery, only from the best brands in the market today, including American Metalcraft, Dexter-Russell, Edlund, Tablecraft, Victorinox, and Waring. You can also choose from our own Rapids Restaurant Cutlery.

Professional Cutlery

Professional cutlery used in restaurants and various food-service kitchens need to be durable and heavy duty. This is because the demands of a busy commercial kitchen are second to none and so good-quality restaurant cutlery is of the essence. Commercial cutlery may include various types of knives such as paring knives, cheese knives, tomato knives, bread knives, versatile chef’s knives, roast slicers, sandwich knives, pizza knives, pizza cutters, cleavers, boning knives, pie knives, utility knives, and more.

Needless to say, a complete set of restaurant knives is one of the basic requirements for a busy restaurant or food-service establishment to function well. This is because of the obvious fact that when running your own restaurant, you will need every kind of versatile chef knife for specific tasks such as carving, paring, boning, and slicing. Having enough commercial kitchen knives on hand will not only make your restaurant’s food preparation easier, but it will also make it more convenient for your food-service staff and crew. This means faster service for your customers that, in turn, means more profits for your business.

Taking Good Care of Your Restaurant Knives

Making sure that your restaurant cutlery is in great shape is very important because the safety of your food-service crew and staff will depend greatly on very sharp restaurant knives. This is because dull knives require more strength and pressure to cut food more effectively, and this makes them prone to slippage. Dull knives are actually more dangerous than knives that are kept razor sharp regularly.

So how do you maintain the quality of your chef knife, among others? Here are some useful tips: (1) Professional cutlery is designed to cut food and food only. Never cut non-food items using your restaurant knives. (2) Use the right commercial kitchen knives for the job. A certain type of knife was built for a specific purpose. For instance, cheese knives should never be used to cut meat, just as roast slicers should never cut cheese. (3) Always use a cutting board; never cut food on top of the counter or on any other surface especially those made of metal, glass, and ceramic. (4) Never place restaurant knives inside a dishwasher. This is because of the hot water inside the washer and its natural washing movement. They can loosen the handle of your knife from the blade. (5) Wash and dry your restaurant knives right away to prevent rusting. (6) Always keep your commercial cutlery in a proper knife rack to keep them sharp. (7) Because wood is naturally porous, periodically treat your wooden knife handles with mineral oil to seal them and prevent bacteria from seeping in.

Commercial Kitchen Knives Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Looking for Victorinox kitchen knives? How about commercial kitchen knives from other reputable brands such as American Metalcraft, Dexter-Russell, Edlund, Tablecraft, and Waring, or a selection of excellent restaurant cutlery from Rapids?

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we give you a wide variety of knives from our selection of professional cutlery, only from the best brands in the market today. Get your professional cutlery set now, and make your food-service crew’s life in the kitchen easier. 

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