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Time Clocks & Time Cards

Make sure that your employees render correct working hours in your food-service establishment with the proper restaurant time clock. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of employee time clocks or office time clocks perfect for any restaurant or food-service establishment.
  1. Bi-weekly Time Cards For Time Recorders


    Bi-Weekly Time Cards, 1000/pk, 11 lbs

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  2. Manual Employee Time Clock, Heavy Duty


    Standard Time Clock, 8-1/8"W x 5-1/4"D x 10-1/4"H, 13 lbs

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  3. 25-Card Capacity Time Card Rack


    25 Card Rack, 3-7/8"W X 27"L, 2.1lbs.

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  4. Save 83% Now!
    12-Slot Employee Time Card Holder Rack - Expandable

    12-Slot Employee Time Card Holder Rack - Expandable

    Regular Price: $41.69

    Special Price: $7.29

    12 Card Rack, 4-1/2"W X 20-3/4"L X 2-1/8"D, 2.1 lbs.

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  5. Weekly Time Cards for Manual Time Clock


    1000 Weekly Time Cards, 10 lbs

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  6. Weekly Time Cards for Electronic Time Recorders


    Weekly Time Cards, 1000/pk, 11 lbs

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Employee Time Clocks

An office time clock, sometimes known as an employee time recorder, can either be a mechanical or electronic device that is used to track the working hours rendered by an employee of a company.

Mechanical time clocks, in particular, often utilize employee time cards in order to record the working hours of employees. Employee time cards are often inserted into a slot on the office time clock. When the payroll time cards hit a contact at the rear of the slot, the employee time recorder would then proceed to print the day and time information on the cards. Needless to say, office time clocks can make a company timekeeper’s job easier as they can make an official record of the hours that an employee has worked in order to calculate how much salary should be paid to that specific employee.

Different Types of Office Time Clocks

There are actually different types of employee time clocks available in the market today. The most common are the basic mechanical office time clock that will simply stamp the date and time on employee time cards. Mechanical office time clocks are usually activated when the employee punches in a card. Needless to say, the simple mechanical office time clock is easy to use, effective, and reliable. These types of office time clocks are perfect employee time clocks for small business or restaurants and food-service establishments.  

Then there is the electronic employee time recorder that, instead of utilizing payroll time cards or employee time cards, uses electronic swipe cards to record employee working hours. A step above this type of electronic employee time recorder are biometric employee time clocks. Biometric employee time clocks simply rely on the attribute of the employee such as a fingerprint in order to record the time information for that particular employee. Needless to say, biometric employee time clocks typically do away with swipe cards and computer chips to identify the user. Biometric employee time clocks also work twofold in that they not only record the employee’s working hours, but they also allow the user to gain access to the inside of the office.

Payroll Time Clocks Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide array of office time clocks depending on what you require for your restaurant or food-service establishment. 

Choose from electronic, digital, and mechanical employee time clocks for office use. Our digital office time clock records day of the week as well as standard hours and minutes, which are printed along the edge of any size form. On the other hand, our mechanical restaurant time clock, is a simple but effective and efficient time recorder suited for small- to medium-sized restaurants and food-service establishments that have a modest food-service staff or crew. You can choose from other more advanced clocks and recorders.

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