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Wine Dispensers & Coolers

Choose from specialty refrigeration units here at Rapids Wholesale, which include wine coolers, wine merchandisers, wine keepers, Get commercial wine refrigerators from two of the most trusted brands in commercial refrigeration today, True and Turbo Air.

Commercial Wine Coolers

With our wine cooler, you can display and store your wine tastefully in your bar, pub, tavern, or restaurant. Our wine cooler cabinet is specifically designed with three approximate temperature zones: bottom temperatures is 45°F for sparkling wines, middle temperature is 50°F for white wines, and top temperatures is set at 55°F for red wines. This small wine cooler (designed for twenty wines, depending on the size of bottles) also features a field-reversible, tinted, thermal tempered glass door. In addition, the canted racks of this commercial wine cooler helps keep the corks of your wines moist, which prevents chipping that might result in wine spillage. All wine coolers manufactured by Rapids Wholesale come in beautiful black exterior. Units also include interior light with on/off control, with door lock as standard.

True Merchandiser for Wines

If you are selling or displaying your wines in your establishment but your store does not have a wine cellar, you might want to invest in a wine merchandiser. Specialty refrigerators such as a wine merchandiser actually works to simulate the temperature and humidity of a wine cellar. Because of this, you are sure that your wines will remain as wines and will not—unfortunately—turn into vineger.

Even though wines vary from one another, generally bottles should be kept stored in a wine cellar or wine merchandiser as cool as thurty-eight degrees or even at room temperature. A typical fridge used for storing common items will not be able to provide the right temperature to store wine properly. This is why specialty refrigeration such as a wine merchandiser is important if you want to store and display bottles of wine in your establishment.

In addition, a wine merchandiser will help produce the correct humidity (usually at a higher level compared to standard refrigerated air, which tends to be very dry and will—more often than not—adversely affect your stored wine) for storing wine. Our True merchandiser for wine is designed to display bottles at a forty-five-degree angle, which allows customers to easily read the labels so they can conveniently choose which wine they prefer.

Our specialty refrigeration wine merchandiser cones in standard black vinyl with a mirrored back and a black aluminum interior. Four wine racks and one wire shelf are included in the wine merchandiser as well as positive seal self-closing doors that feature triple-pane thermal glass. This specialty refrigerator also features a foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation and runs on a self-contained system. No plumbing required.

Wine Keepers

A wine keeper is generally similar to a wine merchandiser and wine cooler in that it is designed to store, cool, and display bottles of wine. The difference is that wine keepers are designed to keep or preserve wines that have already been opened. This is because a winekeeper system is designed to maximize wine preservation for several days. With the help or a wine keeper, your customers can bottle-keep their purchased wines in your bar. All then need is to re-cork the bottle of wine and place them inside any of your bar's wine keepers. They can then enjoy the same quality of wine from the same bottle the next time they visit your bar, pub, tavern, or restaurant.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have an excellent selection of wine keepers: two models of Napa four-bottle wine keepers.

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