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Forced Air Systems

A forced-air system is a type of long-draw system. It is one of the most common methods of chilling keg beer. In a forced-air system, cold air that is chilled from a cold box is forced through short- to medium-length draft lines to help chill the draft beer pouring out into your customer's mug or glass. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get all the equipment that you need to create and assemble the ideal forced-air cooling system for your bar, restaurant, pub, or tavern so your customers and patrons can enjoy a perfectly chilled mug of draft beer.
  1. 2" Steel Tubing Duct for Air Shaft Cooling Blowers (by the foot)

    2" Dia Galvanized Steel Ducts. Sold by the Foot, Custom cut to order. If you want one 25' piece of tubing, add a quantity of 25 to your cart.

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  2. 60 CFM Blower Assembly for Forced Air Beer Cooling


    60 CFM, Blower w/Vinyl Adapter Fits 2" Flexible Tubing

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  3. Hanging Bracket For Air Cooled Beer System Blowers


    Blower Bracket for Rapids ES1403B and ES2653B air shaft blowers

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What Is a Forced-Air Cooling System?

A long-draw system is a type of system that helps provide ice-cold beer to places relatively far from where the draft beer kegs are stored. To put it simply, this kind of system helps keep beer cold even if it is stored away from the bar and beer dispenser. In other words, this kind of beer system is designed for high-volume beer dispensing: long-draw systems largely depend on a walk-in cooler to store tapped kegs of beer, beer lines that exceed five feet, and a means of keeping the beer cold between the walk-in and the dispensing point.

There are typically two types of long-draw systems used to chill beer in bars and pubs: forced-air systems and glycol systems.

Forced-air cooling is one of the most common long-draw systems used to chill beer. In a forced-air system, cold air that is kept chilled in a small box is forced through short- to medium-length draft lines to help chill the beer while it is poured into the glass or mug. This type of beer-dispensing system is relatively easy to install and maintain, but one inherent limitation is that it is ideal mostly for lengths of around twenty-five feet or less.

How Does a Forced-Air Cooling System Work?

With a forced-air cooler, cold air coming from the walk-in cooler box is forced (hence the name) into the dispense tower and then goes back to the cooler. This process helps form a continuous air loop alongside beer hoses, which helps keep the beer cold. As such, forced-air cooling helps maintain the air temperature from the walk-in freezer. An important thing to note is that a forced-air cooling system is not ideal for distances of more than twenty-five feet in total from the walk-in freezer to the beer dispenser.

If you require longer beer-runs (usually more than twenty-five feet) for your tavern, pub, or bar, Rapids Wholesale recommends glycol-cooled beer systems instead of a force draft air cooler. 

Assemble Your Bar or Tavern's Forced-Air Cooler—For Less!

We at Rapids Wholesale provide a variety of equipment and parts for anyone looking to assemble the perfect forced-air cooling system for their bar, restaurant, or any other facility. Choose from a wide range of blower assemblies, steel and aluminum tubing, cooling setups, insulation tape and duct tape, duct hanger kits, sponge insulation and cells, air ducts, foam sealants, and wall flanges, here at Rapids Wholesale! All items here at Rapids Wholesale are sold at the most competitive prices available, and you even get huge savings on selected forced-air cooling system equipment when you buy in bulk! 

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