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Commercial Glass Washing Supplies

Clean glassware is important when running a bar, tavern, pub, or restaurant. That's why using quality glass-cleaning solutions in tandem with glass-cleaning brushes is of the essence. Here at Rapids Wholesale, we offer a wide variety of glass-cleaning liquids and electric glass washers, so that you can keep your establishment's glassware sparking clean and your customers happy and satisfied. 

  1. Bar Maid A-200 Upright Electric Glass Washer


    This is a great restaurant glass washer that removes all of those stubborn stains that can ruin professionalism. The five spinning glass cleaning brushes are easy to change and take up minimal space in the bar area.

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  2. Low Suds Beer Glass Cleaner for Electric Washers, 100 Pouches

    Detergent for Electric Glass Washers, 100 1/2 oz Pouches

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  3. Krowne Test Strips

    Test Strips for Rinse Cycle, 100/pk

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  4. Rapids Draught Beer Equipment Cleaning Solution, 1 Gal (4-pack)


    Case of 4 one gallon bottles of draft beer system cleaner

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Save Time and Increase Profits with Commercial Glass Washers

Why are glass-cleaning brushes and glass washers important for any bar, pub, tavern, or restaurant? Because with good-quality and dependable electric glass brushes, you can keep on top of your establishment's busiest hours of business without running out of clean glasses. If you have an extremely busy restaurant, bar, pub, or tavern, then a good glass cleaner is a must-have. For people running a busy establishment, the need for clean glasses cannot be underestimated, and an efficient glass washer can help you keep up with the high demand.

Glass Washers Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Bar Maid Glass Washers feature easy installation and guarantees crystal-clean glasses, quality and reliability, and safety and sanitation. Bar Maid has more than forty years' experience in the industry and is the choice of major hotels, restaurants, bars, and pubs for their glassware-cleaning needs. We at Rapids feature both electric and two-brush or three-brush manual glass washers depending on what you require. 

  • Bar Maid Upright Electric Glass Washer – Clean glasses right at the bar, minimize breakage, and save time and money in the process. This electric glass-cleaning brush features a powerful, fully enclosed motor that quickly scrubs away even the most stubborn stains with five easy-to-change spinning brushes. It also features a splash guard that helps make for a long, reliable life. This glass bar washer is constructed of extra-heavy bronze bearings and polished eleven-gauge stainless-steel base for long, trouble-free life. It is compact to fit in tight spots with a partially submerged, sealed motor. This glass washer uses optional accessory brushes to clean almost any size or shape of glassware.
  • Bar Maid Submersible Glass Washer – No need to run from the bar to the kitchen and back with this reliable and versatile glass washer. Wash glasses right at the bar and avoid glassware breakage, so you can save time and—more importantly—money. This electric glass brush has a powerful, fully enclosed and partially submerged motor that not only helps maintain warm water temperature but also efficiently scrubs away even the most hard-to-clean stains with five easy-to-change spinning brushes. Made of extra-heavy bronze bearings and polished eleven-gauge stainless steel base, this glass bar washer is designed for a long, trouble-free life. It is compact to fit in tight spots with a partially submerged, sealed motor. This glass washer uses optional accessory brushes to clean almost any size or shape of glassware.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Bar Glasses Using Glass-Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning and sanitizing glassware in your bar, tavern, pub, or restaurant can be challenging because even residue from soap or beverages can leave an unsavory taste in your customer's drink as well as an unappetizing, oily film on glasses or mugs. This is why it is important to thoroughly clean and sanitize your bar glasses and leave them sparkling clean.

The most important thing to remember is that, whether you are cleaning your bar glassware by hand or by using electric glass washers, you should invest in the best glass-cleaning solutions or glass-cleaning liquid. Good-quality liquid glass cleaners will leave your bar glasses, beer mugs, and cocktail glasses not only physically clean, but also physically clean; this means that your glassware should be free of both oil and bacteria as well as any unwanted residue.

Glass-cleaner liquids may be used manually or in combination with a glass-washing machine with rotating brushes.

Glass-Cleaning Solutions and Chemicals Available at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale feature glass-cleaning solutions, glass-cleaning liquids, and test strips from reputable manufacturers and brands like Bar Maid and Krowne. Our very-own-manufactured glass-cleaner liquids are also available.

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