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Glass Display Doors

Select from a wide variety of our very-own manufactured walk-in cooler glass doors and glass display walk-in coolers, perfect for bars, restaurants, and other food-service and beverage-service establishment or even supermarkets and grocery stores. Keep items like foodstuffs, produce, and beverages cool, fresh, protected, and de-moisturized inside your walk-in cooler.
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A Look at Glass Walk-In Display Coolers

If you are using walk-in coolers for your food-service establishment, and you are utilizing shelving posts to stock your food and beverage items as well as ingredients and condiments, you might want to consider investing in a glass display walk-in cooler.

Commercial glass doors specifically designed for walk-in coolers and freezers will help protect your merchandise that are stored in shelves kept inside your walk-in units.

What are some of the additional unique features of walk-in cooler glass doors and shelves? Glass-display doors specifically designed for walk-in refrigerators have an anti-condensate door frame and heaters that provide protection against moisture. And even though heated walk-in cooler display doors will keep your shelves moisture free, they actually do not have any effect on the glass doors themselves.

Glass Display Doors for Walk-In Coolers Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide variety of our very-own manufactured walk-in cooler glass doors and glass display walk-in coolers. Depending on your establishment's walk-in cooler requirements, you can select from one-door, two-door,three-door, four-door, five-door, and six-door glass display doors.

Our glass display coolers for walk-in refrigeration units are manufactured to meet the EISA 2007 federal standard, with a pre-wired, fully integrated energy-control system. These commercial glass walk-in display coolers feature a large viewing area with standard high-output electronic T-8 lighting for brilliant product display at a low price.

In addition, you also get a tempered two-pane, Low-E coat, gas filled insulating safety commercial glass door that keeps cold inside. Also enjoy great flexibility with galvanized steel shelving posts that are easily installed and adjustable for all your merchandising needs. Most of our glass-door walk-in coolers also feature heavy-duty black or white epoxy coated deep standard shelves so you can store more items inside your unit safely while keeping them cool, fresh, and ready to cook or prepare.

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