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Restaurant Menu Covers

Looking for the ideal menu cover for your restaurant? Here at Rapids, you can choose from a large selection of restaurant menu covers wholesale perfect for any food-service establishment, manufactured by two of the most-trusted brands in the food-service industry today, Tablecraft and Rapids.

Restaurant Menu Covers

While menus are some of the most underappreciated aspects in a restaurant or food-service business, you can actually do a lot to improve your establishment’s ambience by using great-looking restaurant menu covers, so you can instantly transform your menu into a minor work of art that also doubles as a great way to protect your menus.  

Menu covers can range from the classic or vintage looking to the more contemporary and modern, and you can choose the ideal menu cover for your establishment based on its style or interior and exterior décor.  

You can also choose from different materials of menu covers, with the most common including leather menu covers, plastic menu covers (with a choice of either opaque or clear menu covers), vinyl menu covers, and others.

There are also fine dining menu covers that are stylish enough to match the chic décor of fine dining and upscale restaurants. And with good reason: customers and diners wouldn’t want to see a laminated menu or cheap menu covers in an expensive fine dining restaurant as they would not match the atmosphere of the restaurant. Indeed, in most commercial food-service establishments, first impressions last, so it would be foolish to ignore the impact of quality menu covers for restaurants.

Café style menu covers for cafes, delis, and diners as well as dessert menu covers for ice cream shops and pastry shops are also very common nowadays.

Choosing the Right Menu Cover for Your Food-Service Establishment

Before going out and choosing your restaurant menu covers, it is a good idea to decide and make sure about the length and width of your menu. For instance, for a two-page menu, a one-page menu cover will give ample enough space, provided that there is a front and back for you to display your restaurant’s food options.

However, if you require a four-page menu for your restaurant, a double-panel restaurant menu cover will be needed in order to cover all the pages. There are also restaurant menu covers without the inside pages, which are ideal for providing ample protection for a menu that only has a front cover.

The bottom line is—believe it or not—excellent-looking restaurant menu covers can do well to enhance a customer pr patron’s overall dining experience, which is why it is important to be selective and to choose wisely when going out to purchase your restaurant menu covers.

Get Your Restaurant Menu Covers Wholesale Here at Rapids

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide range of restaurant menu covers at wholesale prices. We have our very-own manufactured menu covers as well as menu covers from Tablecraft.

You can also choose from different sizes of menu covers with different number of panels, sold by the dozen: one panel, two panels, and three panels.    

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