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Menu Boards

Show off the food offerings in your restaurant or food-service establishment with a wide array of restaurant chalk boards here at Rapids Wholesale.

Restaurant Chalk Boards

Chalk menu boards for restaurants can be used to attractively display the offerings available in your restaurant or food-service establishment. A humble menu chalkboard can actually be a fun, creative, and convenient way to showcase not only your restaurant’s food and beverage offerings but also to get any message across to your customers, guests, and diners.

A chalkboard menu is most especially useful for displaying daily menus or menus that change regularly because all you need is to conveniently erase what is written on the board and then write a different set of menu items. This cannot be done with ready-made menus that have the menu items inscribed permanently. Needless to say, menu chalkboards are more versatile compared to menu displays that are inscribed permanently because you can easily change the food items on display as often as you need to.

A Closer Look at Restaurant Menu Chalkboards

Diners and delicatessens are two of the most common types of food-service establishments that typically use a restaurant chalkboard menu. This is because these types of food-service establishments don’t usually have a fixed menu and often change their food offerings and listings on a daily basis. Delis and diners often feature soups of the day or daily and weekly food specials, so restaurant menu chalkboards are indispensible pieces of restaurant equipment for these food-service establishments.

It goes without saying that writing your new menu offerings on chalk menu boards is an excellent and convenient way to showcase your food items to customers with minimum labor for your food-service staff and crew.

And there are several types of menu chalkboards available in the market today to keep things interesting for both your customers and staff in your restaurant or food-service establishment. For instance, an easel can be used in tandem with a menu chalkboard to list desserts, for example, or even for writing reservations or parties or exclusive events in your restaurant or food-service establishment.   

Chalk Menu Boards for Restaurants Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of restaurant chalk boards perfect for use in any type of food-service establishment, from restaurants to delicatessens to diners. You can select from restaurant menu chalkboards manufactured by both Chef Master and Rapids.

We have a simple but attractive restaurant and kitchen menu chalkboard that features a ruggedly built wood frame in your choice of honey oak or cherry finish that has a black slate-like writing surface that can be written with liquid or traditional chalk. Or if you prefer, you can select a multi-purpose and versatile pedestal-type restaurant chalkboard menu that you can display where your diners and guests can easily see it, like entryways, reception stands, waiting areas—virtually anywhere inside your food-service establishment. It has a white dry-erase board on one side and a changeable letter board on the opposite side.

We also have various types of equipment perfect to use in tandem with any menu chalkboard: collapsible easels (oak, brass, premium tripod), assorted colored chalk, assorted colored “liquid” chalk, markers for write-on boards, and cleaning fluid for quick corrections and erasures.

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