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Bottle Display Steps

Choose from a large selection of liquor shelves and steps and bottle holders here at Rapids Wholesale, perfect for any bar, pub, or tavern. Unlighted and lighted liquor shelves are both available.
  1. 2-Tier Bottle Holder Display Shelf for Wine or Liquor


    2 Tier bar display bottle holder. Holds 6 Bottles

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  2. 3-Step Bottle Display for Wine or Liquor | Crystal Ice


    Three-Step Bottle Display, 12"W x 13"D x 6-3/4"H, acrylic, crystal ice

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  3. 3-Step Bottle Display for Wine or Liquor | Graphite


    Three-Step Bottle Display, 12"W x 13"D x 6-3/4"H, acrylic, graphite

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Lighted Liquor Shelves and Steps

A liquor shelf is essential for any bar setup because, needless to say, liquor bottles that are arranged nicely in a bar will not only help make your bartenders' and barmaids' jobs easier, but it also adds a better aesthetic to your bar, which will surely appeal to both new and loyal customers and patrons.

In addition, liquor bottles that are haphazardly strewn about in your bar will make it more complicated for your bar staff and will delay their drink-mixing and serving tasks. This is the reason why proper liquor shelving is of the essence and, by extension, why investing in a good-quality liquor display shelf might be the best decision you can make for your bar.

Liquor Bottle Display Shelving Ideas and Tips for Your Bar, Pub, or Tavern

While the proper arrangement of your bar's liquor on a liquor shelf might seem like a trivial thing at the onset, the combination of aesthetic appeal and function that shelves for bars can bring cannot be underestimated. What you need to remember, however, is that there are some basic principles that should be followed if you want to maximize your liquor bottle shelf.

One, it is a good idea to consider the types and kinds of liquor that you are going to display in your bar's liquor display shelves. You need to have at least one kind liquor depending on the type that can be served alone or mixed in a cocktail. For instance, you need to have at least one bottle of vodka, one bottle of gin, one bottle of tequila, one bottle of whiskey, etc. in your bar bottle racks so your bartender, barmaid, or bar staff can easily grab them and pour them directly to a customer's glass or pour them in a shaker to mix and serve for customers.

Also, it is important to determine whether you will want to stock, keep, or display your liquor bottles in unlighted or lighted liquor shelves. A lighted liquor display shelf has an advantage over an unlighted liquor display shelf in that it will heighten the appeal of liquor bottles especially in dim bars where the light will give off a nice glow underneath the bottles. A lighted liquor display that uses glass shelves will also help magnify the reflective effects of light bouncing off the liquor bottles as well as create an underlight effect on bottles, which can prove to be very classy. Just be sure that the lighted liquor shelf that you are using has its own switch so that the effect can be muted or dimmed when needed.

You can also choose to group the liquor bottles in your liquor rack by the type of liquor. You can start by arranging the same basic types of liquor and then proceed with other smaller subdivisions of each type depending on the variety or flavor. One thing important to remember, however, is to place taller and larger bottles in the back of each section of your liquor shelves display.

Display Steps and Shelves for Liquor Bottles Available at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale have a wide selection of bottle holders and shelves perfect for any bar, pub, tavern, or club. You can choose from lighted liquor shelves manufactured by Glastender, and you can choose from two different widths: thirty-six inches or forty-eight inches. You can also choose from our very-own-manufactured bar bottle holders and liquor bottle display shelves, ranging in price from $20.00 to $30.00, $30.00 to $40.00, $70.00 to $80.00, $80.00 to $90.00, and $90.00 to $100.00.

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