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Commercial Cookware

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of commercial cookware that include restaurant frying pans, commercial stock pots, steamers/boilers, and more from two of the most reputable brands in the food-service industry today, Cambro and Vollrath. You can also get some of the best restaurant cookware available from our very-own manufactured commercial pots and pans.

Commercial Frying Pans that are Chef-Approved.

A commercial frying pan is a flat-bottomed pan that is used for frying, browning, and searing a wide variety of foods. It is one of the most versatile and most frequently used pieces of kitchen smallwares used in busy restaurants and food-service establishments nowadays. And with good reason: majority of the food in a restaurant menu can be cooked in commercial frying pans, from steak and chicken to vegetables and fish, even pasta.

Restaurant frying pans can trace their origins many years ago as there are records of copper frying pans being used in ancient Mesopotamia. Frying pans were also used in ancient Greece and in ancient Rome.

Nowadays restaurant frying pans are constructed of different materials such as aluminum (natural and nonstick), cast iron, copper, and stainless steel (natural and nonstick). Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from nonstick and commercial frying pans, depending on your preference.

There are also different kinds of pans that are not used for frying alone. One example is a grill pan, which is essentially a commercial frying pan with lower sides and which is also called a griddle pan in British English. A commercial wok, on the other hand, is a versatile round-bottomed cooking vessel similar to a restaurant frying pan and can be used for stir frying, pan frying, deep frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, stewing, and more.

Bain Marie Pots

If you are also looking for bain marie pots, you can also choose from a wide selection here at Rapids Wholesale. Bain marie pots are also known as water baths or double boilers and are used for various culinary uses the most common of which include melting chocolate; baking cheesecakes; cooking custard; warming sauces such as Hollandaise and beurre banc; thickening of condensed milk; and for warming foods for takeaway such as sausages, rolls, sandwiches, and burgers. Bain marie pots can also be used in place of stovetops, hot plates, and chafing dishes to keep foods warm (especially in buffets or banquets) for longer periods.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from bain marie pots and stainless steel covers of different sizes and capacities, depending on what you prefer and what is required by your restaurant or food-service establishment.  

Commercial Stock Pots

Commercial stock pots are the most common types of commercial cooking pots used around the world. A commercial stock pot is commonly used in restaurant kitchens to make stock (hence its name) or broth, which can be used as a basis to create more complex soupy dishes. Commercial stock pots usually feature a flat bottom, straight sides, a wide opening, and a couple of handles on the sides for easy carrying, and a lid that typically includes a handle on top.

A commercial stock pot is considered an extremely versatile piece of kitchen equipment because it can be used to cook a wide array of dishes. Commercial stock pots are at the front line of any food-service kitchen because they are at the front like when it comes to cooking, frying, and boiling. In fact, so versatile is a commercial stock pot that it can even be used for non-cooking purposes.

Pick a Commercial Stock Pot in the Type of Material You Prefer

Commercial stock pots can come in various metal types, with the three most common being stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum. An aluminum stock pot transfers heat the best compared to other metal types such as, say, stainless-steel or cast iron. In addition, an aluminum stock pot is very lightweight owing to the fact that aluminum is one of the lightest metals around. Stainless steel stock pots, on the other hand, are the most durable type of pots and are, in addition, the easiest to maintain. This is the reason why it is not uncommon to find a large number of stainless steel stock potss in a restaurant kitchen or any commercial food-service establishment. Cast iron, on the other hand, is a type of metal that is most favored by many professional chefs because of its durability as well as the fact that it tends to spread heat evenly and maintains temperature longer.

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