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Hand Trucks

With our industrial hand trucks and commercial dollies, you can make your employees’ jobs easier, especially your food-service staff or crew whose tasks include lugging heavy cargo. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of commercial hand trucks.

Commercial Hand Trucks

A commercial hand truck, also commonly known as a commercial dolly, is a type of hand cart that is used to move heavy and bulky objects. Commercial hand trucks are often L-shaped, with handles attached to one end, wheels at the base, and a small ledge to set objects on. Cargo to be loaded on a commercial dolly is usually flat on the floor when the cart is upright but is then tilted back when the dolly is moved. In physics, a hand truck dolly is considered a first-class lever.

Some commercial dollies are often equipped with wheels that are designed to help climb stairs easily. These types of commercial dollies, therefore, can be used to go up and down stairs. Needless to say, these types of commercial hand trucks can make your stockroom or cargo employees’ jobs easier. However, on the other hand, a commercial dolly that is designed for climbing can actually be difficult to use on flat surfaces because their design is tailored for use with stairs.

Industrial hand trucks can be made of various materials. Depending on what you require for your business, you can get aluminum hand trucks or commercial hand trucks made of steel or even high-impact plastic. Most commercial dollies that are designed for use in beverage-service or food-service establishments are heavy duty hand trucks that are rugged, durable, but also lightweight.

Commercial hand trucks are also commonly used as baggage carts by porters in airports and train stations. Commercial dollies are often sold individually, but there are also wholesale hand trucks available.

Commercial Dollies for Sale Here at Rapids Wholesale

Every commercial business will need a commercial dolly, especially those restaurants or food-service establishments that require lugging around and moving around of heavy cargo such as sacks of food and crates of beverages. It goes without saying that moving heavy boxes, bulky crates, large sacks of ingredients, food items, and even equipment is hard work for anyone, even those employees that have impressive physiques and who can handle the most physically demanding and strenuous of jobs.

With our commercial dollies, you can make sure that you prevent any injuries to employees brought about by carrying and lugging around of extremely heavy cargo.

Choose from aluminum hand trucks and other steel and heavy duty hand trucks that are durable but also lightweight and can be used to move around heavy cargo and products. Some of our commercial dollies are also easy to use when climbing stairs. Our aluminum hand trucks are high-gauge and corrosion proof and are reinforced from top to bottom to provide a lot of stability.

We also have plastic and aluminum ramps that can be used in tandem with our dollies.

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