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Liquor Pourers

Help your bartenders serve liquor fast, conveniently, and without spillage with Rapids Wholesale's set of liquor pourers. A great liquor bottle pourer or wine pourer allows your bartenders to serve liquor to your customers in carefully measured quantities without unnecessarily waste, thus ensuring inventory economy. Liquor Pourers
  1. Posi-Pour 2000 (12 pack) Liquor Shot Pourer Spouts with Collar


    Posi-Pour 2000, Choose shot size and nozzle color. You will receive 12 of whatever size/color combination you choose. If you only need one, check out our liquor pourers sold as single units.

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Liquor Pourers Make Your Bartender's Job Easier 

Expert bartenders and barmaids can make pouring liquor look extremely easy, but don't be fooled—it takes years of practice, on-the-job training, and experience to be able to pour liquor well. In other words, pouring liquor is a task that is not as simple as it seems (or looks).

Aside from practice and experience, one thing that can make the bartender's job easier is an excellent set of liquor pourers. A great liquor pourer can help any bartender pour liquor at a high level of quality and consistency.

A Closer Look at Liquor Bottle Pourers

Essentially, a liquor bottle pourer is a fitted bottle spout that fits into the mouth of liquor bottles. Bottle pourers end in narrow spouts that help pour out liquor easily into shot glasses or directly into mixed drinks. There are two types of liquor pourers based on the material that they are made of: plastic pour spouts, some of which are disposable or designed to be thrown away after several uses; and metal pour spouts, which are designed for greater durability.

Usually, liquor bottle pourers and wine pour spouts can either be free-flowing or measured. Free-flow liquor pourers help the bartender pour liquor freely, continuously pouring out the liquid while the bottle is turned at a certain angle. Measured liquor pourers, on the other hand, include a tiny ball bearing that precisely measures out a certain amount of liquor during every pour, stopping after that amount is poured. Measured pourers typically make the bartender's job easier, especially when aiming for the pouring of accurate amounts of liquor. However, some mixologists have been expertly trained to pour by count, and they are able to determine the exact amount of liquor that they are pouring—regardless of what kind of liquor shot pourer they are using—simply by counting as they pour.

Needless to say, liquor bottle pourers can only help bartenders make their jobs easier. There is still no substitute for a good, experienced bartender who has learned to pour liquor consistently and accurately. In the bartending world, consistent and accurate pours of wine and liquor are good for the bartender's career and, more importantly, great for the bar owner's business—what bar patron or customer wouldn't love a perfectly poured drink or perfectly mixed cocktail?

Liquor Shot Pourers and Pour Spouts Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

The liquor shot pourers available here at Rapids Wholesale come in many colors, sizes, and styles – including the name brand Posi-Pour spout pourers (Posi Pourer) and Store N Pour drink pouring containers. Choose the right shot pourer for your bar, pub, or tavern and pour the right amount of carefully measured liquor to avoid spillage or to ensure that you serve the perfect cocktails to your bar customers.

Choose from a wide selection of both free-flowing or measured liquor bottle pourers in plastic pour spouts or metal pour spouts, depending on your preference. We also offer pourer covers that help keep debris and bugs—specifically fruit flies—from entering your liquor containers.

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