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Keg Couplers

You have the keg, it's filled with beer. So what more do you need for your bar's beer-dispensing system? A keg coupler, of course. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide selection of beer keg couplers depending on what you need for your bar, tavern, and pub's beer-dispensing system.

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Complete Your Beer System with a Beer Keg Coupler

Complete your beer-dispensing system with a beer coupler. The tap coupler is attached to the beer keg and is the part of a beer system used to tap into a keg of beer. Nowadays, there are various types of beer keg couplers in use worldwide. The particular keg coupler you will require usually depends on which brand of beer you serve to your customers. 

Types of Keg Tap Couplers

Below are the different types of beer couplers that are commonly used by bar owners worldwide:

1. The US sankey keg coupler is, by far, the most popular beer coupler used in bars, taverns, and pubs worldwide. In fact, about 95 percent of the beers brewed and served in bars in the United States use this beer keg coupler.

2. The European sankey keg coupler mostly fits New Castle, Heineken, Murphy's Stout, Amstel Light, and lots more brands. But while this keg coupler is somewhat similar to the US sankey keg coupler, the stem that connects onto the keg is longer on the European keg coupler.

3. The German keg coupler fits most, but not all, German-brewed beers. These tap couplers will fit Spaten, Paulaner, Warsteiner, Hacker-Pschorr, and more.

Get Your Keg Coupler Now from Rapids Wholesale

We have a wide variety of beer keg couplers from some of the most-trusted brands: American Beverage, Draught Tech, Perlick, and Taprite. We also have Rapids Wholesale's very own beer couplers.

Rapids Wholesale's beer keg couplers can be used in conjunction with our empty keg detectors, which will immediately shut down the beer flow when the keg empties. Keep the beer flowing and your bar up and running; order your beer keg coupler, and complete your bar's beer-dispensing system today.

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