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Cooking Spoons

Are you looking for cooking spoons for your restaurant or food-service kitchen? Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of commercial spoons for cooking, specifically nylon spoons, manufactured by one of the most reputable brands in the market today, Vollrath. 

When you purchase a Vollrath spoon, you get a fully heat-resistant cooking spoon that is guaranteed to resist temperatures as high as 475 degrees Fahrenheit. All our nylon spoons also feature hanging holes at the end of the handle for storage and come in different colors (white, blue, red, yellow, and more).

Cooking Spoons

Cooking spoons are commonly utilized in households or as commercial spoons for cooking in busy restaurant kitchens and used as versatile chef spoons. Types of cooking spoons range from wooden and plastic cooking spoons to nylon spoons.

Using the correct and proper cooking spoons in your restaurant or food-service establishment can do wonders for the productivity of your cooking crew and, by extension, your commercial kitchen. This is because the ideal restaurant spoons for cooking helps you save time in the kitchen and can actually help you produce better results in terms of the quality of food you are going to serve to your customers and diners.

Different Types of Cooking Spoons

Cooking spoons are fairly simple kitchen utensils. Although the term cooking spoon usually refers to solid cooking spoons that are used for stirring and serving foods with thick sauces, “cooking spoons” can also actually refer to other more specialized spoons used for cooking such as slotted spoons, wooden spoons, ladles, and measuring spoons.

Solid cooking spoons are mostly made of nylon or plastic. Plastic or nylon spoons used for cooking are a very effective tool that effectively stirs while cooking. Plastic or nylon spoons are perfect for use with various sauces, gravy, marinara, Alfredo, and other sauces that are eaten with food as opposed to sauces that are only used as cooking mediums.

On the other hand, wooden cooking spoons are an ideal alternative to plastic and nylon spoons because their relatively stronger handle makes them more ideal for stirring. Wooden cooking spoons are, therefore, able to handle heavy dishes better especially those that are difficult to stir, such as thick batters or fillings and even macaroni and cheese.

Lastly, ladles and measuring spoons are still considered cooking spoons although they are also used for ladling and measuring liquids and other ingredients, hence their name. Ladles are spoons that have a large, scooped end that holds liquid and are used not only to stir soup, broth, stews, or other soupy dishes while cooking or heating, but are also used to serve cold drinks apart from stews and soups. Measuring spoons, on the other hand, help provide accurate measurements for ingredients and ensure the proper amounts are used in the dish that your food-service crew is cooking.

Nylon Spoons for Cooking Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of cooking spoons, mostly nylon spoons, perfect for any busy restaurant or food-service kitchen. All our nylon spoons for cooking are manufactured by one of the most reputable brands in the market today, Vollrath. If you want a Vollrath spoon for cooking, here at Rapids you can choose from a wide variety of spoons that are all heat resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and which also feature a one-piece construction that won’t collect water or bacteria.

Get your Vollrath spoon depending the size or length you prefer, from one end of the handle to the spoon: eight and a half inches, twelve inches, and fifteen inches.   

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