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Janitor Carts & Supplies

Keep your restaurant or food-service establishment clean and sparkling and always appealing to customers and diners with our janitor supplies. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a large selection of janitor cleaning supplies manufactured by trusted brands Continental Mfg, Eagle, San Jamar, and T&S.

Janitor Supplies

A successful restaurant or food-service establishment does not only rely on good food, a great ambience, or excellent service. In fact, cleanliness and hygiene are also essential in the success of any restaurant or food-service business. Perhaps it’s safe to say that no customer, guest, or diner would want to eat in any restaurant or food-service establishment that doesn’t have cleanliness and hygiene at the top of its list.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we understand that the key to a clean and hygienic food-service establishment is a wide array of complete janitor supplies. That’s why we make sure that you are well-equipped with all the proper janitor cleaning supplies that you will ever need to run a restaurant or food-service establishment that’s sparkling clean and visually appealing to your customers and diners.

Janitorial Supply Must-Have #1: Janitor Cart and Mop Bucket

A janitor cart or mop bucket helps your food-service staff or cleaning crew mop your restaurant’s floors easier and more conveniently. In essence, janitor carts or mop buckets not only helps store the cleaning liquid, but it also helps your staff wring out a wet mop.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get a Continental janitor cart with heavy-duty blue plastic construction that is rust and corrosion resistant, and dent-proof. This Continental janitor cart can accommodate twenty-six- or thirty-five-quart mop bucket with wringer. A twenty-five gallon heavy-duty zippered bag is included.

Mop buckets are one of the most important types of janitor supplies. They are also very versatile in that they can act as a wringer for mops in order to dry them out while serving as a container for the water or cleaning liquid.

Here at Rapids, you can choose from mop buckets of different capacities, ranging from thirty-five quarts to forty-four quarts. You can also choose from one with or without a wringer. 

Janitorial Supply Must-Have #2: Mop Handles and Mop Heads

Some of the most essential types of janitor supplies are the ubiquitous mop handles and mop heads. Needless to say, the mop is the single most important piece of janitorial supply used by janitors and cleaning staff in restaurants and food-service establishments. Assemble your quality mop now with Rapids Wholesale’s wide array of mop handles and mop heads.

There are certain types of mop handles for different types of cleaning jobs, so you need to determine which is best for establishment. Here at Rapids Wholesale, we take pride in providing only the best janitor cleaning supplies. Our mop handles are made of ultra-tough polymer base with a wooden handle for heavy-duty cleaning.

One of the most unappreciated types of commercial janitorial supply, mop heads are designed for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, ranging from smooth floors to concrete landing docks as well as tile floors in restrooms. Some mop heads are even designed specifically to clean tight corners.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide array of mop heads from our wholesale janitorial supply. Choose from wet mop heads and dust mop heads (designed to protect floor and finish from abrasive and dirt particles) depending on your preference and what you require for your establishment. 

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