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Kitchen Smallwares

Commercial Kitchen Smallwares
Make any job easier with the right tool, spatula or pan. Smallwares keep kitchens running. From sous / prep equipment to steam pans and utensils. Bakeware, racks and food storage too!
Spring Form, Muffin, Bread, Baguette, Sheet Pans, Bundt, Pie Pans, Sheet Pans
Cooking Smallwares
Pots, Pans, Collanders, Steak Weights, Hot Pads and Mitts, Thermometers, Timers
Can and Pail Openers, Cutlery, Cutting Boards, Measuring Smallwares, Mixing Bowls, Batter Dispensers, Towels and Cloths
Pizza Smallwares
Pizza Smallwares
Peels, Dockers, Pans, Oven Brushes, Poppers, Trays, Screens, Table Stands, Servers.
Decorating and Garnishing
Decorating & Garnishing
Garnishing Tool Sets for Decorative Treatments
Steam Pans
Steam Pans
Plastic or Metal form Cambro, Vollrath, Browne and More
Aprons and Apparel
Aprons & Apparel
Server and Chef Smocks, Aprons, Hats, Shirts
Tongs, Ladels, Spoons, Portioners, Whips, Turners, Spatulas, Brushes and More
Food Storage
Food Storage
Food Containers, Thermal / Insulated Transport Containers, Ingredient Bins
Carts & Racks
Carts & Racks
Can and Bun Racks, Carts, Dunnage Racks, Pot Racks

More on Kitchen Smallwares

Restaurant And Foodservice Smallwares

Our foodservice smallwares include all of the prep tools,utensils, pots and pans needed in a commercial kitchen to prepare and serve food. Bakeware, and cookware, prep tools and utensils,pizza prep equipment, tools for garnishments and decorating, pans for steam and cold tables, aprons and apparel, utensils, food storage and food shelving and racks.

Cookware at Rapids Wholesale

Nothing is more central to the success of your foodservice establishment than your cookware. It takes a variety of commercial pots, pans, and skillets to prepare and cook the dishes served to your hungry customers. Rapids Wholesale has a large selection of commercial pots, pans and skillets in a variety of sizes and various metal types. No matter the needs of your food service establishment, Rapids has the right cookware to meet your demands.

Bakeware at Rapids Wholesale

The quality of your baked goods begins with quality bakeware. Rapids Wholesale carries only quality baking pans and baking sheets from established brands you know and trust such as Eagle Group, Vollrath, American Metal Craft and of course our own Rapids Brand. Our commercial bakeware is offered in a variety of metals, including Aluminum, Stainless steel and cast iron.

Rapids Wholesale offers a large selection of heavy duty pans constructed from durable material that can take the punishing use of a commercial restaurant or bakery. Find the baking pans you need to make all of your customer's favorite baked goods and sweets. Rapids carries commercial pie pans, cake pans  and molds Commercial bread pans and muffin pans and commercial cookie sheets ranging from 12 gauge to 18 gauge.

Commercial Prep Tools at Rapids Wholesale

How efficient is your commercial kitchen? Most Sous and Prep Cooks agree that efficiency depends on having the right prep tools on hand for the job on deck. Depending on any restaurant's needs, a variety of slicing, carving and utility knives will need to be on hand. Depending on your establishment's business volume you will need a variety of can openers from a crank can opener to a number 10 can opener. Electric can openers also come in varying sizes including those that can open a #10 can. To avoid cross contamination, color coded commercial cutting boards are almost a necessity in a food service establishment. Using different color cutting boards for different food groups ensures that uncooked foods like vegetables are not prepared on the same surface as raw meat. Rapids Wholesale carries commercial cutting boards in different sizes and thickness. Food quality and portion consitency are achieved by using measuring spoons, cups, and commercial portioned dispensers. Indispensable to the well equipped kitchen is a variety of mixing bowls in different sizes, shapes and made from different materials.

Pizza Bakeware and Supplies at Rapids Wholesale

Pizza establishments have some unique supply needs thanks to the high temperature ovens most pizzas are baked in. commercial pizza pans, and peels are designed to withstand the brutal temperatures and deliver a quality cooked pizza in the process. Other supplies needed in a pizza business are dough proofing trays, which can be purchased in bulk to save extra money at Rapids. Commercial Pizza dough rollers, rolling pins, and for serving, pizza display stands. Shop for all of your pizza supplies at Rapids Wholesale.

Food Pans at Rapids Wholesale

Commercial Food Pans are found in all areas of food service preparation and service. Used on the prep line in refrigerated and hot tables, for storage in coolers and freezers, and for serving onj buffet lines, the commercial food pan is present throughout. All brands of commercial food pans are standard in size throughout the food service industry..While they are standard in size, the material can vary, and most certainly quality varies. Rapids Wholesale carries a large selection of food pans for steam tables or refrigerated prep tables from reputable brands you know and trust.

Aprons and Employee Apparel at Rapids Wholesale

Commercial restaurant aprons serve a variety of purposes in a food service establishment. In the back of house you find aprons protecting the dishwasher from hot water and messy food particles, to an apron designed to keep the prep cook clean and tidy. In the front of house, server aprons identify employees with a coordinated look, while simultaneously offering the server pockets to store pens, pads, straws and condiment packets. Shop for a variety of commercial apron styles  at Rapids.

Cooking Utensils at Rapids Wholesale

It would be impossible to prepare or serve food in a restaurant without a large selection of cooking utensils at hand. Mixing requires whisks and whips, along with rubber spatulas and spoons. Griddle and broiler cooking will need metal spatulas and turners. High heat cooking requires commercial cooking utensils specifically designed for that task. From prep to plate you will need a variety of commercial serving utensils such as tongs and ladles, scoops, spoodles and pie servers. Shop Rapids Wholesale for all your commercial utensil needs.

Food Storage Solutions at Rapids Wholesale

Maximize profits with proper food storage in commercial storage containers. Proper NSF food storage containers ensure food safety and reduce waste. Rapids Wholesale selection of commercial food storage containers are constructed from durable NSF polyware and are available in different sizes and styles to accommodate your need. If you are storing dry product, or liquid, Rapids has the food storage solution you are looking for.

Storage Racks and Utility Carts at Rapids Wholeale

Organization is key to an efficient food service business. Storage shevles and dunnage racks will organize your floor space in the kitchen, cooler and freezer. Organize your baked goods with bakery pan and bun Racks. An efficient use of storage space for pots and pans are ceiling mounted racks. Organize your dish washing area with bussing and utility carts. Shop for commercial storage solutions at Rapids Wholesale.

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