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With our commercial kitchen accessories, your food-service staff will find it a lot easier to prepare, cook/bake/fry, and keep items in your kitchen. Looking for colanders and strainers? How about pots and pans, steak weights, and hot pads and mitts? Or perhaps you are looking for thermometers and timers? Here at Rapids you can choose from a large selection of these commercial kitchen tools from reputable brands like Browne, Vollrath, Cambro, American Metalcraft, Tablecraft, San Jamar, and Taylor. Cooking
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Commercial Kitchen Supplies Must-Have No. 1: Colanders and Strainers

One important type of restaurant kitchen tools is a colander, which is a bowl-shaped kitchen utensil designed with holes in it for draining food like pasta or rice. Colanders can also be used when washing leafy greens and small fruits. The perforated design of colanders allows liquid to pass through them while the important solids are retained inside. Oftentimes colanders are known as kitchen sieves or pasta strainers.

Depending on the type of colander, it can be used for different varieties of foods. For instance, colanders built for use with Chinese food are great for draining a large amount of excess water. These types of colanders typically have wide brims, no base, and relatively bigger holes all around and in the sides as well as the bottom for the most effective draining possible. On the other hand, standard colanders are usually designed with bases on the bottom, which makes them easier to leave resting at the bottom of a kitchen basin or sink, allowing the food to drain slower. 

Another important type of restaurant kitchen equipment is a strainer, which works similarly to a colander but is typically smaller. Strainers are actually a type of sieve and are versatile in that they can be used when straining food and separating solids from liquids, as well as in sifting or aerating flour or corn starch. 

The aforementioned reasons are what make colanders and strainers some of the most essential restaurant kitchen supplies.

Commercial Cooking Supplies Must-Have No. 2: Pots and Pans

Needless to say, pots and pans and other types of cookware are important commercial cooking supplies. It is even safe to say that they are the most important because they are at the front line when it comes to the actual cooking, frying, boiling, etc.

Consider that restaurant cooking supplies like pots and pans usually come in various metal types, with the three most common being stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum. So why these three types of metal? First, stainless steel. This type of metal is durable and easy to maintain; however, it does not transfer heat as well as the other two types of metal.

Second, cast iron. This type of metal is actually favored by a lot of professional chefs because it is durable, heavy, economical and, most importantly, tends to absorb food flavor over time and eventually transfers it to cooked foods. However, one disadvantage of this type of cookware is that it is not that easy to clean and can actually be prone to rust.

Lastly, aluminum. One big advantage of aluminum compared to the two other metals is that it transfers heat very well, is lightweight, and is the most economical. A disadvantage of this kind of metal cookware, however, is that it corrodes easily, especially when you cook acidic foods.

Restaurant Kitchen Supplies Must-Have No. 3: Steak Weights

What is a steak weight? One of the most underappreciated restaurant kitchen supplies, a steak weight is similar to a bacon press and is used to speed up the cooking time of steaks and other thicker cuts of meat without sacrificing the quality of the cooked product.  A steak weight essentially compresses the steak and helps it cook faster by making the meat thinner. It can also be used to get rid of excess fat from meat if you use it to squeeze extra fat from the steak as it cooks. This helps promote healthier cooking.

Restaurant cooking supplies like steak weights are commonly used for grills, steakhouses, and other food-service establishments that serve a large selection of cooked meats and steaks.

Restaurant Cooking Supplies Must-Have No. 4: Hot Pads and Mitts

How can you safely remove a hot casserole dish or pan from inside a very hot oven? The most common method is by using oven mitts or hot pads.

So what should you consider before purchasing your hot pads or oven mitts? It is important to remember that different types of pads and mitts have varying resistances to hot temperature, so you might want to think about how hot the pots and pans you are handling will be (if you are cooking with very high heat, it is a good idea to purchase one with a very high heat-resistance level). All pads and mitts are specifically made to be able to withstand the hot temperatures of an average oven, which can be up to 400 or 500 degrees.

Another thing to consider is how wide or large your hot pad and oven mitt will be - many oven mitts cover up to the forearm and some models go up to the elbow. Also, if your food-service staff will need to cook food in a barbecue pit, you might also want to get mitts that are flame retardant.

Restaurant Cooking Supplies Must-Have No. 5: Thermometers

Thermometers are actually very versatile because they can be used to display the temperature of hot food items, especially baked and barbecued meats and baked delicacies like pies and cakes, or to display the temperature of an oven, candy, and the steam or the inside of refrigerators.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from different types of thermometers, including battery operated, dial or mechanical, disposable, and infrared

Kitchen Restaurant Supplies Must-Have No. 6: Timers

Timers are simple kitchen restaurant supplies that nevertheless perform a very important task. We all know that it is not always easy to remember how long something has been cooking, baking, simmering, broiling, frying, or boiling. This is where timers come in. Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from easy-to-operate digital and mechanical dial timers that are guaranteed reliable.

You can choose a wide variety of timers from the following brands: Rapids or Taylor.