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Sushi Display Cases

Keep your restaurant and sushi bar's sushi, sashimi, and other raw Japanese delicacies cool and fresh with our True display cases here at Rapids Wholesale. When you purchase a True display case, not only can you ensure that your sushi and sashimi are kept chilled and fresh, but you can also display them for your customers with greater visibility because of our refrigerated sushi display cases' built-in clear glasses.
  • APW / Wyott Small Refrigerated Countertop Unit
  • Turbo Air Self Contained Sushi Display Case, 48-1/4" Wide
  • Turbo Air Self Contained Sushi Display Case, 59-3/4" Wide
  • Turbo Air Self Contained Sushi Display Case, 71-1/4" Wide

Storing Sushi in a Refrigerated Sushi Display Case

Sushi is a type of Japanese food that consists of two main ingredients: cooked vinegared rice that is combined with raw seafood. The most common type of raw seafood used in sushi is usually fish, but other seafood can also be used such as squid, shrimp, octopus, crab, lobster, and others. Because sushi needs to be kept cold at all times, sushi bars and Japanese restaurants commonly use sushi cases to display their wares.

A sushi case is commonly used to display sushi and other chilled plated items such as sashimi, for instance. This is because sushi and sashimi and other raw Japanese delicacies need to be kept cool while displayed in order to keep them fresh. Sushi display cases usually feature top-glass angles for easy visibility, and some sushi display fridges even feature anti-glare top glasses as well as sliding glass doors so your restaurant staff can easily access the contents, which makes for easy serving.

A sushi refrigerated display case will be the perfect addition to any sushi bar, Japanese restaurant, or any food-service establishment. But before you decide to purchase a sushi case for your sushi bar or restaurant, you should decide first whether you want to build a sushi bar around a sushi case or instead doing the opposite: ordering a specific size of refrigerated sushi case to fit your bar.

Also be sure that the kind of sushi display fridge you get has the perfect clear glass. This will make sure that your sushi will be visible and appear appealing to the customer. This can also make the sushi chef's job easier as he or she can see right away which ingredients to pull out from the sushi display.

Sushi Display Cases Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Looking for a dependable sushi case for your restaurant? Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have the perfect sushi case for sale depending on what you require. You can choose from three self-contained refrigerated sushi cases manufactured by Turbo Air, depending on the size you prefer: get a Turbo Air sushi case that's 48-1/4 inches wide, 59-3/4 inches wide, or 71-1/4 inches wide. All our sushi display cases also feature an angled top glass and hold ambient temperature range from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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