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Bakery & Pastry Display Cases

Complete your your bakeshop's setup with a bakery case, pastry display case, or cookie display case where you can showcase your store's baked goodies and attract customers. We at Rapids Wholesale offer True bakery cases from True Manufacturing that can help increase your shop's profits.

A Look at Bakery Cases, Refrigerated Pie Displays and Cake Refrigerators

Your bakery will not be complete without at least a couple of bakery cases where you can showcase your delicious baked treats like cakes, pies, pastries, and cookies to entice your customers or patrons to buy.

However, depending on the type of baked goods you are displaying in your bakeshop, you might want to determine if you will require either a refrigerated bakery case or a dry bakery case—or even both.

For instance, baked goods like breads, doughnuts, and bagels may not require a refrigerated bakery display case, but an advantage of placing them inside a refrigerated case instead of a dry bakery display case is that you can keep these goods fresh and free from insects or contaminants in the air. Refrigerated bakery cases are especially great for storing pies, cakes, and other baked goods that have eggs or milk as the main ingredients. A refrigerated bakery case is also ideal for cheesecakes, tiramisus, or other baked goodies that are best served cold.

Whichever type of bakery display rack or display case you choose, you will want to consider other factors. For instance, there display cases designed specifically for other types of baked goods. You can choose either a pastry display case or a cookie display case. There are also bakery cases that are made of different materials such as acrylic or plastic and bakery display cases that have a curved glass front. Acrylic bakery display cases, glass bakery display cases, and curved display cases are some of the most popular display cases used in bakeshops nowadays.

Baked Goods Display Cases For Sale at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale have a large selection of  bakery cases, depending on what you require. Looking for a True bakery case from True Manufacturing? Most of our bakery display counters from  True are built for efficient, high-volume merchandising and feature a durable stainless-steel top. They also feature rear sliding doors that are easy to open and close for convenient product loading as well as an exclusive shelf-positioned interior lighting.

We also feature an attractive cookie display case that features a thick crystal-clear acrylic case that provides for an appetizing and appealing display. Create a tasty presentation on  your store's countertop. What's more, this cookie display case makes efficient use of small counter space, and cleanup is a breeze with soap and water.

If pastries are part of your bakeshop's offerings, then you can't go wrong with Rapids Wholesale's three-tray pastry display case.

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