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Blending Stations & Bottle Holders

Serve the perfect frozen cocktails or blended mixed drinks in your bar, tavern, pub, or restaurant with Rapids Wholesale's wide selection of blending stations and accessories, manufactured by two of the most trusted brands in the market, Eagle and Krowne.

Complete Your Underbar System with a Blending Station

A complete underbar system for your establishment is usually made up of bar sinks or a three compartment sink where your bartenders can pour out excess beverages, clean and wash glassware, and help rinse blender units; cocktail units and workstations to hold all the equipment for mixing the perfect cocktail; and ice bins to help your bartenders or barmaids always keep an ample supply of ice close at hand so mixing or preparing a cocktail or drink is a breeze (after all, faster serving of drinks or cocktails at your bar, tavern, or pub means  more customers and more profits for you). 

However, one of the most important components of an underbar system is a blending station for making frozen cocktails and to hold your blender, cocktail/mocktail glassware, liquor, mixers, and other bottles.

Why Blender Stations Are Indispensable for Every Bar

A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains two or more ingredients, and at least one of those ingredients must be a liquor or spirit. A cocktail can either be chilled or frozen, depending on the kind of drink that a customer orders. Some of the most common frozen cocktails include the Margarita, the Daiquiri, and the Piña Colada.

If you want to serve frozen cocktails or blended mixed drinks in your bar, tavern, pub, or restaurant, you will need both a blender and a blender station. Blending stations should be large enough to hold both the blender, the glassware, and the bottles of liquor and cocktail mixes.

Aside from blender stations, we at Rapids also offer heavy-duty blenders that are designed for commercial use.

Blending Stations Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

Krowne has been manufacturing top-quality stainless-steel products for over sixty-five years. They are one of the leading brands that produce blender stations for bars, taverns, and pubs worldwide.

Our Krowne blending stations feature a 5' compact area to minimize space and 24” drainboard as well as insulated ice bins with 80-pound capacity. In addition, these blender stations include a dump sink, a faucet, removable bottle racks, and a stainless-steel speed rail.

Aside from blender stations, we at Rapids wholesale also offer blending station accessories from Eagle, one of America's largest manufacturers of commercial foodware equipment.

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