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Commercial Ice Machines

At Rapids Wholesale we have a complete selection of commercial ice machines that include ice bins, ice dispensers, self-contained ice machines, and ice maker heads. Our industrial ice makers are manufactured by two of the most trusted brands in ice-making, Manitowoc ice machines and Scotsman ice machines. We also have our very-own branded industrial ice machines. Ice Machines

The Importance of a Quality Commercial Ice Machine

A lot of restaurants, bars, pubs, taverns, and cafés serve chilled drinks such as beer, soft drinks, and juices as well as blended beverages such as cocktails and smoothies; on the other hand salad bars, delis, and supermarkets keep and display food such as vegetables, meats, and fish. So what do all of these seemingly unrelated commercial establishments have in common? They all need lots of ice to do their business well. This is the reason why a good ice maker is essential.

Buying the right commercial ice machines is of the essence so that you never run out of ice for your business. In addition, different types of ice machines in turn produce different kinds of ice depending on the requirements of a certain establishment, which is why you must be sure which industrial ice maker would be perfect for your business. For instance, your establishment might need a simple ice bin or ice dispenser. Or perhaps you might require a self contained ice machine or maybe an ice maker head. The ideal ice machine can make the difference for your restaurant, bar, pub,  café, salad bar, or deli.

Different Types of Ice and Industrial Ice Makers

Before anything else, you should have already determined which type of ice is suited for your business. This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when looking for an ice maker machine. Various kinds of ice perfectly fit different types of establishments, and matching the type of ice to the specific requirement will help you maximize your profits. Needless to say, using the right ice for the right situation should be your primary objective when looking for a good-quality automatic ice machine. In other words, the satisfaction of your customer is directly connected to your choice of industrial ice machine.

There are different types of ice depending on what they are going to be used for. The most common types of ice are the following: cube ice, half-cube ice, flake ice, nugget ice, gourmet ice, crescent ice, and octagonal ice.

Cube ice, which is also known as dice ice, resembles—as its name suggests—a cube. This kind of ice melts relatively slowly and helps chill beverages quickly and keeps them chilled for a long period. Cube ice is perfect for use in hard-liquor drinks such as whiskey, rum, and cocktails. This kind of ice can also be used in salad bars to display the salad ingredients and keep them fresh. This type of ice is also commonly used in hotel ice dispensers.  One of the perfect ice machines to create cube ice is Manitowoc Cuber Head Ice Machine.

Half-cube ice, which is commonly known as half dice cube, can be utilized in a wide variety of applications. Unlike full-size cube ice, half-cube ice displaces more liquid, thus actually increasing your profits because it can be compressed tightly into a mug or glass, thus helping you pack more ice in relation to the beverage. This type of ice also chills drinks faster and blends more easily, making it the perfect ice for blended beverages like frozen cocktails and smoothies. The Scotsman Prodigy Cuber Head industrial ice maker is specifically designed to create half-cube ice.

The Scotsman Ice Maker and Ice Flaker

Flake ice are actually tiny slivers of ice that are flaked off to become ice that is easily packed and ideal for display counters such as those used in supermarkets to effectively chill products such as seafood and meats as well as to keep ingredients of a salad bar cool and fresh. Because flaked ice is moldable, you can actually pack it around your product, thus providing an excellent cooling effect. Flake ice can also improve the aesthetic appeal of product displays whole keeping the perfect temperature to keep food safe from spoiling. For perfect flake ice, the Scotsman Prodigy Flake Ice Maker is a great choice.

Nugget ice is a softer variety of ice that can actually be chewed. Because this type of ice blends easily and cools fast, it is a great choice for blended beverages such as smoothies and cocktails. For a great batch of nugget ice, the Manitowoc Ice Maker, Nugget Style should be your industrial ice maker of choice. 

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