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Commercial Coffee Grinders

Looking to grind your own coffee beans and do your own coffee brewing? Get the ideal coffee grinder here at Rapids Wholesale, manufactured by Grindmaster, one of the most reputable brands in the market today.  Choose from a slimline coffee grinder, which is ideal for low- to medium-volume specialty shops, grocery stores, donut shops, or convenience stores or a portion-control coffee grinder that features an adjustable range of grind settings. 

  1. Grindmaster Slimline Coffee Grinder, 1/3 Hp

    Grindmaster Slimline Coffee Grinder, 1/3 Hp


    7"W x 12-1/2"D x 21-1/4"H, 42 lbs

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  2. Grindmaster Portion Control Coffee Grinder

    Grindmaster Portion Control Coffee Grinder


    9"W x 14-1/4"D x 20-1/4"H, 44 lbs

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How Does a Commercial Coffee Grinder Work?

For the past few years, coffee grinders have become immensely popular both commercially and domestically. Both commercial coffee grinders and home coffee grinders are now readily available, and this has made the brewing of coffee even more convenient and accessible.

But how do electric coffee grinders work? As its name suggests, a coffee grinder helps grind, slice, or smash the coffee beans, depending on what type of grinder you are using. Grinding coffee beans is often considered the first stage in brewing coffee. Ground coffee beans can then go through the next stage, the brewing stage, which is nowadays conveniently done through quality electric brewing machines.

An electric coffee grinder, as opposed to a manual coffee grinder, is fairly easy to use. Just add the right amount of coffee beans into the machine, turn it on, and voila—perfectly ground coffee beans that are ready to be brewed, stored in airpots or coffee warmers for a more extended heating period, and then served.

Two Types of Professional Coffee Grinders

Generally there are two types of professional coffee grinders: blade coffee grinders and burr coffee grinders. A blade coffee grinder utilizes a metal blade that spins and chops up the beans, similar to how a food processor or blender works. One advantage of blade coffee grinders is that they are relatively inexpensive. However, one downside of a blade coffee grinder is that you must monitor the progress of the machine because most models of this type of grinder only have spartan on/off switches. In addition, if you are not used to grinding your own coffee beans, you wouldn't know when they are in the perfectly ground consistency, and improperly ground beans can affect the coffee's taste. Lastly, blade coffee grinders can create friction because the metal blades tend to produce heat when in operation. This, believe it or not, can actually have an effect on the coffee's flavor, particularly those overly ground and very fine coffee beans.

The second type of coffee grinder, which is more popularly used as a commercial coffee grinder or professional coffee grinder is a burr grinder. This type of grinder utilizes a burr, basically a spinning wheel, in order to grind the coffee beans. This is in stark contrast to the aforementioned blade grinder, which actually slices or chops the coffee beans instead of grinding them. Unlike the simple controls of a blade coffee grinder, a burr grinder has a relatively more sophisticated control system, and this system is generally uniform across brands and models. For instance, the controls on a burr professional coffee grinder helps adjust the space between the spinning wheels, so you can avoid over- or undergrinding of coffee beans. Additionally, you can choose between two types of burr coffee grinders: wheel and conical. Wheel grinders utilize a round grinding wheel to grind the coffee beans. Because they tend to be noisy, can clog up (especially when grinding extremely oily coffee beans), and can vibrate a lot, they are the less expensive type of burr coffee grinder. The other type of burr grinder is the conical type, which  utilizes a cone-shaped grinding wheel, is less noisy to operate and can handle oiler types of coffee beans more effectively. This makes this commercial coffee grinder the most expensive coffee grinder in the market, across models and brands.

Commercial Espresso Grinders and Coffee Bean Grinders Available at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale offer coffee grinders from Grindmaster, one of the most reputable brands in the market today. Our slimline coffee grinder is ideal for low- to medium-volume specialty shops, grocery stores, doughnut shops, or convenience stores. It is user-friendly and features grind selection for espresso, fine, auto drip, drip, and percolate. We also have a portion-control coffee grinder, which has an adjustable range of grind settings and features a solid-state, concealed, dual-range timer. 

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