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Hot Dog Steamers & Roller Grills

Looking to serve great hot dogs in your concession stand? Complete your hot-dog cooking setup with Rapids Wholesale’s hot dog steamers and hot dog roller grills. You can also get a hot dog broiler and hot dog bun warmer here at Rapids Wholesale.

Hot Dog Steamers

Steaming is one of the most cost-effective ways of cooking hot dogs. An efficient commercial hot dog steamer can actually cook more than a hundred hotdogs in a span of half an hour, or even less. An advantage of using a hot dog steamer machine is that despite producing a relatively big amount of hotdogs in a short amount of time, there is no compromise in the quality of the hotdogs for the customer, because the steamed hotdogs remain juicy and delicious. In addition, after steaming, your hotdogs can remain displayed in a hot dog steamer at the ideal temperature up until your food-service staff or crew needs to serve them hot to customers.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have a large selection of hot dog steamers from trusted brands APW/Wyott, Rapids, and Star Mfg.

Our hot dog steamers have various features depending on the brand, model, and design. These different features typically include an innovative vertical design, usage of less counter space with no loss of production, stainless-steel and tempered glass construction, unique and removable hot dog trays,  either front, rear counter, or top load merchandising, an adjustable thermostat for quick start-up, consistent temperature, and humidity control.

Hot Dog Roller Grills

A hot dog roller grill is an excellent machine to have in your concession or hot dog stand, for those customers who like their hotdogs grilled. While some concession or hot dog stand owners might think that grilling hotdogs is a slow method of cooking, nothing could be farther from the truth. Rolling and cooking hot dogs on a roller grill is a fast, efficient, and effective way of cooking.

And hot dog roller grills—as added advantages—are easy to clean, convenient to use, and provides for an excellent merchandising opportunity as they display your mouthwatering hotdogs to customers while the hotdogs are cooking and looking very attractive and smelling so appetizing.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a selection of roller grills from Star Mfg, specifically two models, the 30 Duratec and the 45 Duratec. You can choose from both hot dog roller grills, depending on your personal preference or what you require for your concessionaire.

Both roller grills parade a new low-profile design that improves visibility. They also feature a slanted roller design that could potentially increase sales and impulse buys as well as dual infinite temperature controls that provide separate linear heat control for the front and rear rollers. Also, a high-performance motor used in either of these hot dog roller grills is designed for 24/7 operation, perfect for those busy concession stands that produce a large amount of hotdogs on a day-to-day basis.

Hot Dog Broiler

For customers who prefer their hotdogs broiled as opposed to steamed or grilled, we at Rapids Wholesale offer a selection of hot dog broiler units. Depending on how large your concession stand is or how many hotdogs you serve to your customers on a day to day basis, you can choose from smaller eighteen-hotdog and twelve-bun capacity hot dog broiler or a larger thirty-six-dog and thirty-two-bun capacity hot dog broiler.

Get a hot dog broiler that produces perfectly cooked hotdogs every time. All our hot dog broiler units also give you excellent merchandising opportunities, as you can display your mouthwatering hotdogs while they are cooking, which makes for a very visible and immensely appealing product.

Hot Dog Bun Warmer

When running your hotdog stand or concessionaire, it is important to remember not to focus all your energies on the hotdogs themselves, but also to make sure that the buns that you serve the hotdogs in are nice and warm. This is where a commercial bun warmer comes in. An excellent hot dog bun warmer keeps the hotdog buns warm and moist and ready to be served along with the hotdogs. A commercial bun warmer can come in stand-alone models or as combination hot dog roller grill with bun warmer or hot dog steamer and bun warmer. 

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