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Beer Towers

We at Rapids Wholesale consider draft beer towers and tavern heads our specialty. After all, we have more than seventy years' experience in the business. Rapids offers tap tower designs that range from the simple to the sophisticated, all at competitive prices. Make sure you make a statement in your bar—order your next beer faucet tower from Rapids Wholesale!

Putting the Cool Back in Draft Beer Tap Towers

Nowadays, it's not enough to just own a bar that simply serves great-tasting draft beer. These days, style and presentation are as important as the brew pouring out of a beer faucet. That's why, here at Rapids Wholesale, we provide you with stylishly designed beer towers and tavern heads that will help put back the cool in your bar every time you, your bartender, or your barmaid pours a cold one for a customer or patron.

Choose from a wide selection of beer tap towers in a variety of body styles, finishes, and number of beer faucets.

Our beer towers are not only perfect for bars; they are also ideal for use in an extensive range of venues, which include hotels, cafés, restaurants, convention centers, stadiums, and more.

What's in a Finish? A Look at a Variety of Materials for Beer Keg Towers

Draft beer towers available here at Rapids Wholesale are constructed of a variety of materials and finishes:

1. Brass beer towers that are chrome plated are some of the most commonly available in the market. Beer tap towers constructed of this material require regular maintenance for cleaning and polishing. Although the finish of chrome-plated brass towers is attractive, it is not as durable and hardy as stainless steel and tends to tarnish over time.

2. Polished stainless steel beer towers possess a mirror-like quality similar to chrome. An advantage of this type of finish, though, is that it is extremely durable and is corrosion and tarnish resistant. This type of beer tower is also easy to maintain and there is no need for polishing.

3. Polished brass beer towers are made of solid brass and are often polished into a mirror-like finish. If you opt for this type of finish, just remember that regular maintenance is imperative to avoid tarnishing.

Tower Above the Competition with Rapids Wholesale

Serve your customers in style and tower above the competition with Rapids Wholesale's wide selection of beer dispenser towers. We have quality draft beer towers for sale, available from the most trusted manufacturers. Help create the right ambiance for your bar or restaurant and compliment your bar's décor by selecting the perfect beer tower here at Rapids. 

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