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Glass-Top Spot Display Freezers

Create great impulse sales for your establishment with our commercial glass-door freezers. We have glass-display freezers available from three of the most respected brands in commercial freezing today, True, Turbo Air, and Master-Bilt.
  • Master-Bilt MSC-31AN Curved Glass Top Horizontal Freezer
  • Master-Bilt IG 309C Horizontal Frozen Food Merchandiser
  • Master-Bilt Curved Glass Top Horizontal Ice Cream Display Freezer
  • Master-Bilt MSC-66AN Curved Glass Top Ice Cream Display Freezer
  • Master-Bilt MSF-31AN Flat Glass Top Ice Cream Display Freezer
  • Master-Bilt MSF-43AN Glass Top Horizontal Freezer Chest
  • Master-Bilt MSF-52AN Glass Top Horizontal Display Freezer
  • Master-Bilt MSF-71AN Glass Top Horizontal Freezer Merchandiser

Advantages of Using a Glass Top Freezer

Glass-door freezers can immediately make an impact, profits-wise, for your bar, restaurant, supermarket, or convenience store. How? Compared to a solid-door refrigerator, a glass-door freezer is a great way to display your establishment's products. A commercial glass-door freezer can thus increase the impulse sales of your customers or patrons.

A glass-display freezer, especially when placed across the bar or near your restaurant or convenience store's cash register, is sure to attract more customers and patrons especially when they see what is displayed inside the freezer.

Also, compared to a horizontal freezer unit, an upright freezer with glass door keeps your merchandise at eye level, thus creating more impulse sales for your establishment.   

How to Choose a Mini Display Freezer or Glass-Door Spot Freezer

Before you choose an upright glass-door freezer for your bar, restaurant, grocery store, or convenience store, you need to consider a few important points. First, you need to determine the size or width of the glass-door freezer you want to purchase. Space is at a premium especially in commercial establishments, so you need to be sure that the glass-door fridge freezer you get will easily fit your store and will not be a hindrance to your crew, to customers, or to other equipment and appliances.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have small glass-door freezers, like a mini freezer with glass door, as well as larger display freezers: choose from commercial glass-door freezers from thirty-six square inches, forty-eight to sixty square inches, and over seventy-two square inches

Next to consider is how many doors you want your glass-display freezer to be. You can choose from a 1-door glass freezer, 2-door glass freezer, and 3-door glass freezers depending on your establishment's requirements.

Glass-Display Freezers & Spot Merchandisers Available at Rapids

We at Rapids Wholesale have glass-door freezer merchandisers from Masterbilt, True, and Turbo Air, three of the most respected brands in commercial freezing. 

True Manufacturing is one of the world leaders in refrigeration products and aims to provide a wide-range of American-made refrigeration products worldwide, which exceed quality and performance standards. It is widely considered as the top manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment and has been a favored supplier for decades. Get a True glass-door freezer here at Rapids Wholesale that features attractive white anodized aluminum walls with stainless steel floor and adjustable vinyl-coated shelves. Our True glass-door freezers feature a short defrost cycle to save energy, automatic evaporator fan motor delay to prevent warm air from circulating, and self-closing doors that help save energy and prevent cold air from escaping.

You can get a Turbo Air glass-front freezer that features triple-pane hinged glass doors with a heater, fluorescent light and adjustable PE coated wire shelves. Our Turbo Air commercial glass-door freezers also feature a white interior and exterior that includes casters as well as a bottom-mount compressor.

For more than seventy years now, Master-Bilt has providing refrigeration solutions the world over. They provide a complete line of refrigeration including ice cream freezers, walk-ins, glass door merchandisers, deli display cases, open air cases, foodservice reach-ins, prep tables, refrigerated warehouses, refrigeration systems and more. Here at Rapids Wholesale, our Master-Bilt glass-display freezers feature a bottom-mount compressor as well as extra large auto-close hinged glass doors that are made of a triple-pane safety glass, with a 90-degree stay-open feature. Glass-display freezer doors also feature an electronic-controlled heated glass and frames.

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