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Restaurant Pagers

Here at Rapids Wholesale, we have a complete line of restaurant pager systems that include staff pagers and guest pagers to help make your food-service crew’s jobs easier and to help your customers feel that they are valued by allowing them to unwind and relax at their table while they wait for their orders.

Restaurant Pagers

There are basically two types of restaurant pagers: staff pagers and guest pagers. Staff pagers can boost the efficiency of your food-service staff and crew by discreetly alerting your busboys, waters, and waitresses (typically using restaurant vibrating pagers) when food items are ready to be delivered to customers. This is a great way to keep your food-service staff or crew on the serving floor along with your customers.

On the other hand, guest pagers are used by food-service staff and crew in self-service restaurants to alert waiting customers that their orders are ready to be picked up without any disruptive and unnecessary overhead announcements using a public-address system.

Staff Pagers

One of the most important restaurant pager systems in use today are staff pagers. Needless to say, staff pagers are extremely essential especially in restaurants and other food-service establishments or coffee and tea shops because they help your food-service staff and crew like waiters, waitresses, and busboys to expedite orders to customers.

Most staff pagers in use nowadays are called from the kitchen using a transmitter. Also, most restaurant pagers systems utilize on-site programming. This means that if one of your staff pagers malfunctions or is broken, reprogramming another beeper to be used is a ready option. It goes without saying that staff pagers can not only streamline your restaurant operation, they can also potentially increase profits as a result.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can choose from a wide variety of staff pagers to complete your restaurant paging system.

Guest Pagers

Guest pagers are a very popular type of restaurant paging system nowadays because they allow the diners or guests to take it easy and relax or unwind at their table while they wait for their orders to become available. Guest pagers are, in fact, very effective: customers are given a portable receiver that usually flashes, vibrates, or beeps when their order is ready. Mostly used in self-service restaurants and establishments like coffee shops, tea shops, bars, and the like, guest pagers are very effective, and they can even help make repeat customers for your business.

Here at Rapids Wholesale, you can get long-range guest pagers that can also double as coasters. Our wireless guest paging starter kit includes a transmitter, five coaster-type guest pagers, one coaster charger capable of charging up to fifteen pagers, and two power supplies. Our guest pagers are black with red lights and feature rechargeable batteries. These guest pagers also feature vibration, flash, beep, and glow alert modes with front and top view coaster numbers. The transmitter is rechargeable and easy to use.

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