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FOB Empty Keg Detectors

Say good-bye to drained beer lines with Rapids Wholesale's flow detectors. We at Rapids Wholesale understand that nothing is more frustrating than having to repack beer lines after a beer keg is blown or goes empty. Rapids foam-on-beer (FOB) detectors help keep the beer flowing and your bar up and running. Empty Keg Detectors
  1. FOB Detector - Beer Foam Control Device


    A durable plastic beer foam control device for beer kegs that stops the flow right when the keg is emptied to prevent excess foam on beer (FOB) and keg spray that simply wastes beer.

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  2. Beer Foam Control FOB Detector Device - Wall Mount


    Universal Mount (includes Wall Bracket)

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  3. Save 4% Now!
    Perlick FOB 304 Foam on Beer Detector

    Perlick FOB 304 (Foam on Beer), Stainless Steel

    Regular Price: $98.41

    Special Price: $94.89

    Foam on Beer Detector Perlick FOB 304 Stainless Steel

    Foam on Beer (FOB) 304 Stainless Steel inlet and outlet

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  4. Perlick FOB 304 (Foam on Beer) SS With Beer Thread Inlet & Outlet


    Perlick Foam on Beer (FOB) 304 Stainless Steel w/beer thread inlet & outlet. Ships from WI.

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Maximize Your Profits With a Beer Flow Detector

Long-draw systems help provide ice-cold beer to places relatively far from where the brew kegs are stored. To put it simply, this kind of beer system is designed for high-volume beer dispensing: long-draw systems rely on a walk-in cooler to store tapped kegs of beer, beer lines that exceed five feet, and a means of keeping the beer cold between the walk-in cooler and the dispensing point.

Beer FOBs are installed in conjunction with a long-draw system to help minimize the wastage of beer and, in turn, increase profits. An FOB detector, to put it simply, immediately shuts down the beer flow when a beer keg is emptied. This eliminates foam and wasted draft beer after a keg has blown because the beer lines stay full all the time. As such, purging a beer line is not needed if it is protected with a flow detector or an empty keg detector.

A foam-on-beer detector will eventually pay for itself with the number of beer kegs that it will save. A flow detector can easily save you several kegs of beer for the first year or so, thereby maximizing your profits.

How Do FOB Detectors Work?

When a beer FOB is installed on a long-draw beer line and the keg is emptied, the detector immediately stops the flow of beer. Instead of filling with foam, the beer line remains full of beer. When the beer lines are full, this takes away the need to refill the beer lines and purging the system with beer while tapping the next keg.

Draft beer flowing from the beer keg forces the float inside of the FOB detector into the “up” position, allowing beer to flow into the faucet. When a beer keg is emptied, the float drops down, stopping the flow of beer from the keg.

When you tap a new keg, reset your beer FOB. Push the vent mechanism to allow the gas and foam to be released from the chamber. This then allows beer to flow from the keg into the chamber, lifting the float and allowing beer to flow into the faucet.

Significantly reduce wastage of beer and save money with a quality foam-on-beer detector.

It is important to note, however, that flow detectors should be cleaned on a regular basis the same way beer lines are cleaned.

Beer Flow Detectors Available Here at Rapids Wholesale

We at Rapids Wholesale offer our very own manufactured FOB detectors as well as flow detectors from Perlick. Our very own flow detectors stop beer flow immediately after the keg is emptied, are easy to operate, and are constructed of high-quality engineering-grade plastic. After changing kegs, beer flow can be restored with a simple twist of the wrist. Perlick FOB detectors available here at Rapids Wholesale sense when a keg is empty and shuts off beer flow, yet leave the beer line fully charged with beer. All our flow detectors are guaranteed to last in the toughest environments.

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