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Coffee Airpots

Serve coffee piping hot in your restaurant or café or any outdoor establishment with Rapids Wholesale's wide selection of coffee airpots. Thermos air pots available from some of the most-trusted brands in the market today, which include  Focus, Grindmaster, and Wells Bloomfield. You can also choose from our very-own-manufactured air pot beverage dispensers.

  1. Grindmaster 1.5 Gal Shuttle


    1.5 Gallon Shuttle, 11 lbs

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  2. Grindmaster Airpot For Dual Airpot Brewer


    2.2 Liter Lever Airpot, Sold individually.

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  3. Grindmaster 2.2 Liter Decaf Push Button Coffee Airpots (Case of 6)


    2.2 Liter Push Top Airpot, Decaf, Bulk Case of 6

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  4. Save 39% Now!
    Stainless Steel Airpot, 3.0 L.

    Stainless Steel Airpot, 3.0 L.

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price: $36.31

    3 Liter Lever Pump Airpot

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  5. 6" Restaurant Drip Tray, Black Octagon 6" x 6", Case of 4


    6" x 6" Octagon Drip Tray, 6", dishwasher safe, removable grid (4 trays per pack)

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  6. Winco AP-825 Lever Top Swivel Airpot, 2.5 Liter


    2.5 Liter Lever Pump Airpot, Regular

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  7. Stainless Steel Airpot, 2.2 L


    3 Liter Lever Pump Airpot

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A Cursory Look at Coffee Airpots

A coffee airpot is essentially a thermal cannister that is used to store or hold coffee (or even tea) for a relatively long time while keeping the brew piping hot. Most airpots for coffee feature dispensing spouts or spigots for easy serving of coffee for your customers while they sit on tables or counters.

Although they are also used in homes, air pots are mostly used commercially, most especially in restaurants, cafés, and other establishments (sometimes even in offices) where there is a need for a high volume of coffee to be served. Coffee air pots are also a great option for those who want to have coffee outdoors or other places where electricity is not readily available. In a nutshell, one of the best advantages of thermos airpots is the ease by which you can fill it up with coffee and take your favorite brew with you wherever you go.

Different Types of Airpots for Coffee

The differences between airpot cofffee dispensers are dictated by the type of liner and lid. Air pots  can either have a glass or stainless-steel liner. Glass liners, though, have been the standard liners for coffee air pots for many years now because they are often less expensive and glass mostly retains heat for a longer period of time compared to stainless steel. However, one disadvantage of using coffee airpots with a glass lining is that the lining can instantly shatter if not handled with care. With that said, obviously the reason why stainless-steel-lined thermos airpots have gained popularity the past few years is because of their durability. However, while stainless-steel-lined airpots for coffee are more durable, glass-lined airpot coffee dispensers are more effective at retaining heat better.

Another difference between airpots is the type of lid used: Lids can either be pump or lever style. The pump lid was the most common type until roughly ten years ago, after which the lever style has steadily gained in popularity because levers are easier to use and makes dispensing coffee more convenient compared to pump lids.

How To Properly Store Coffee in Thermos Air Pots

Not many people may know this, but it is a very good idea to serve coffee in a preheated airpot. Why? Cold coffee air pots will actually lower the temperature of even piping-hot coffee somewhat, so it is recommended that before filling your restaurant's thermal airpot with hot water from the brewer just to heat it a bit, let the hot water sit for ten minutes or so, and pour the hot water out before finally filling it up with coffee.  

Proper Cleaning of Air Pot Beverage Dispensers

Proper cleaning of your airpots is important to make sure that they work perfectly. First off, it is a very bad idea to submerge a coffee airpot in a washbasin or sink because this may cause problems in the airpot's function. The proper way to clean an air pot is to use a specialty-cleaning solution specifically made for coffee equipment. Mix this solution with a quart of water, fill the airpot with this cleaning mix, and let it sit in the coffee airpot preferably overnight. (The same cleaning solution can even be used multiple times, so you can save on money.) In the morning, pour out the cleaning mix, rinse the airpot with a bit of water, and it's good to go.

Airpot Coffee Brewers Available at Rapids Wholesale

You can choose from a wide variety of coffee airpots here at Rapids Wholesale, from the most trusted brands in the market today: Focus, Grindmaster, and Wells Bloomfield. We at Rapids Wholesale also offer our very-own-manufactured air pot beverage dispensers. 

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